Testimonials of our members.

Marianne Curguz, USA. Senior Analyst. 
I wanted to complement you on the great job you did with the Global Risk Community.  
The Community offers content that is really valuable to the members and sets it apart from other risk groups. I am a member of close to 50 groups, in particular on risk and I review their content and discussions but nothing really matches the GRC. GRC really changed since September 2010 when I joined it. I see a number of products, white papers that are relevant to my interests in the risk management area. Offering an e-learning facility is another indicator that you are understanding the needs of your members why GRC is growing rapidly.

Stef Hoffman, Business Risk Manager Capgemini, Netherlands.

In the few days that I've joined, I already reaped the benefits. Adding 1 single discussion has given me so much additional information I can really use finalizing my Thesis.

Marcus Cree,USA. Currently heading up North American solutions team in the capital markets risk area for SunGard. Looks like a great site, very rich in content and very varied in media options for the content. I look forward to being a very regular visitor.

Chris Jacka, Australia. I started my own consultancy 10 years ago, specialising in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. I am keen to be part of this network to help grow my global network of peer risk providers.


U.B Ciminieri, Business Controls, Inc USA. Thanks for this group. What a great community for all of us to share our ideas, goals and experience.

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