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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk Community member,
We want to share with you some new plans and ideas.
First of all we are pleased to announce the geographic statistics taken on Friday 15 Oct-2010
Total membership count is 2320 members
Major countries:
1.             USA 795 members  or 34,2%
2.             India 232 members  or 10%
3.             United Kingdom 230 or 10%
4.             The Netherlands 155  or 6,7%
5.             Canada 102 or  4,4%
6.             Australia 71 or 3%
7.             France 43  or 1,9%
8.             South Africa 37 or 1,6%
9.             Italy 32 or 1,6%
10.           Spain 29 or 1,3%
11.           Russia 24  or 1%
Thanks to your active participation we have great content on our main page which makes our thriving community very attractive for all Risk professionals. At the same time it's becoming more difficult for all members to participate actively in the conversation, because some of the issues have regional flavor. As the nature of our business is Global, we would like to keep the discussions and blogs related to the global trends on our main page. In addition to that we would like to propose to our members to organize locally and create local groups where you can discuss the market developments or organize off-line events in any particular country or region. It will greatly improve your interaction within community so that every member can find a smaller group whom can talk about an issue. You will also have more opportunities to find and meet people who are operating at the same market.
We have followed this logic already and created a new group DutchRisk community. Just within two days more than 20 people signed up to the group. Risk people living in the Netherlands or feeling like going Dutch are welcome here. You can communicate both in Dutch and in English. The idea is to create a local community, organize events and discuss issues specific to the Dutch market.
Some rules for group organizers.
1.             Creation of a new group is your own initiative. The initiator creates a group, (it can be based either on geographical principle or on a specific body of knowledge (for example Credit Risk, Market Risk  – we have already several such groups)
2.             We will review your application and in case we are OK with the group theme and with your plan, it will be approved. 
3.             The group should adhere to our community guidelines which most of you probably read.
4.             We don’t want to create a large number of groups, which are not active or spammy, or with a low quality content. It means that we will be softly policing the groups not in the censorship sense, but just to be sure that groups are active. If we find that there is no activity during last 3 months, we will certainly contact first with the group creator and members of the group to see what can be done. In the worst case if there is no chance that this group will become active, we will delete it.  So it means that if you want to take an endeavor and setup the group, please think long term and be sure  you will be able to lead the group or bring a new group leader to replace you.
5.                Members of these groups should not engage in "hard selling" or send unsolicited, product-focused messages to multiple members. Direct sales pitches are not allowed and for any possible commercial opportunities (jobs, software, services ...) members or group leaders should   contactGlobalRiskConsult first via
6.             Branding groups, i.e. groups, which are created for marketing purposes to promote a specific product or a company or services, are allowed and constitute paid service. Such group will be approved after the group creator makes an agreement with us. More about sponsorship and advertisement services you can find in our sponsorship brochure.
We want to stress that whoever wants to create a branding group or use other paid product such as sponsorship or advertisement  – now is a good time to do so, because the prize will increase in January 2011 to correspond to the community membership growth
7.             We are already in discussions with some institutions and companies who want to be sponsors/advertisers on our community. In addition to that we would like to inform our members that if a specific member/group brings a paid sponsorship/advertisement deal originated from a third party, we will certainly pay a commission to such member/group. We plan to develop and announce the revenue sharing initiative soon and we also want to hear your opinion and your recommendations on this issue.
You can send your thoughts to

Last week we announced our first creative contest to win the media pass for the Hedge Fund Compliance Summit worth at least $2095. New members or those who missed the announcement are welcome to check it out and produce a great media masterpiece about GlobalRisk community (it can be a short video, a press release or an article) to win the prize or to be featured on GlobalRisk Community.

If you are a risk practitioner and have not taken our Risk Management survey yet, please take 1 minute and answer 4 questions  via the  link or just by visiting our main page.

We now can deliver you more regular risk updates and insights.
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Attention to bloggers and website owners: by actively participating in our Discussion forums and blogs you multiply exposure to your own site. We appreciate your input and at the same time we ask you to provide not the links alone to your site, but at least a concise summary of your article.    

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Thanks for being here.
Boris Agranovich
GlobalRisk Community, Founder