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This week we reviewed several outstanding resources for your professional development. The current issue is dedicated to cloud computing, business news and HR management. The main sponsors are: Bloomberg, Google, Red Hat.
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1. Red Hat Cloud 101
Cloud computing has become an all encompassing term. This whitepaper enables you to cut through the marketing hype and determine what cloud computing does and does not entail -- even if ideas are often conflated in customers’ and prospects’ minds. The document describes the various forms that cloud computing can take and how different types of technology relate to each other.

2. IDC Whitepaper - Cloud Computing: The Need for Portability and Interoperability.
An IDC executive report examines the future of cloud computing, focusing on design goals that support portability of applications and data, which will certainly avoid expensive and time-consuming fixes.

3. Extending IT Governance: From Private to Hybrid Clouds Through Consistency and Portability
When people talk about security or risks in the cloud, they are usually talking about governance.  But cloud governance extends beyond security and into legal and regulatory procedures, transparency, service levels, indemnification and other issues.  Do you have an effective cloud governance plan?  This whitepaper guides you through best practices for ensuring your applications and data can safely move between clouds – whether they are private, public or hybrid.

4. See the Big Picture Through Bloomberg Government.
Bloomberg Government is the one-stop, customizable source for knowing how government decisions impact your industry. No other service delivers expert policy analysis, unique data breakdowns, and proven editorial expertise – all in one place, all in real-time. Stay ahead of the issues, identify opportunities, and break through the clutter – saving you time and resources.
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5.Try the Market Leading Talent Management Solution Free of Charge!
Halogen Software's industry leading talent management suite makes it easy to align your workforce, improve productivity, reduce costs and develop human capital as a competitive advantage. Halogen offers specific suites to meet the unique needs of a variety of industries and makes HR best-practices accessible to companies of all sizes. Learn how thousands of HR pros are simplifying and automating their talent management process, and seeing brilliant strategic results.

6. Top 5 HR Compliance Concerns for Small Business.
As the economic horizon continues to shift and belts tighten, small and medium sized companies — who typically have between 10 to 500 employees and represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) — may wind up being so focused on core business issues that they overlook one of their most potentially serious and costly issues — human resource compliance. Unlike their large-company counterparts, they lack the time and resources to build infrastructure and processes that are beyond core business objectives.   But if entrepreneurs and smaller business owners are focused solely on growth and product, how do they know what issues to look for in order to protect the company? This is a must-read paper that discusses th top 5 HR compliance issues they may face.

7. Moving your business to the cloud.
 View this webcast to learn about the business use cases, return on investment (ROI) and other key considerations for moving your business to the cloud with NetSuite and Google Apps

8. The top ten considerations for Cloud computing.
 Business and IT decision makers are increasingly confused by the rising number and type of cloud computing solutions. Everyone it would seem is now promising to save you time and money with this or that kind of web-based service for everything from email and enterprise applications to storage and data management. Regardless of the information overload, however, organizations of all types and sizes must embrace the age of computing without borders to increase competitive advantage and grow their business.

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