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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

“Abnormal is co common, it’s practically normal.”  Cory Doctorow

Dear GlobalRisk community member,

This week was pretty gloomy for the world economy. Weak economic data from major countries and the intervention of the Fed, which started to buy treasuries, again put deflation talks back into the arena. 
The double deep recession worries increased and I am wondering whether we in the West are going to repeat the Japanese experience of the last decade. We would certainly like to receive some comments from our Japanese members about what they suggest is going to happen. It is worth noting that in Japan the government and investors were in denial about deflation for a long time.

As a result it took more than 10 years of Japanese Bond yields to go down to 1%. By time it got there Nikkei had fallen 50% from its peak. So if we are really headed for deflation and the FED fails to stop it?
Well, just keep our fingers cross that it doesn't happen here in the USA and Europe.
By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it! 

Issue highlights

The last two weeks saw a lot of new and interesting material and discussions posted and uploaded on our community website. 

Michael Megliola has published a discussion  SEC proposes open-source modeling for asset-backed securities about his experience from a major USA Bank prospective. Interested members please go ahead and comment on this interesting discussion.
U.B. Ciminieri  posted two discussions:  Research Survey about Job Applicant Deception and The Process of Workplace Investigations 2-Day Trainings. Interested members please fill in the survey and check out trainings.
David Collins posted a discussion Risk Score Calculator and asked for feedback on this application

Øystein Amundrud   replied to my discussion What Additional Things Can the GlobalRisk community Do For You? and suggested to discuss Survey of software tools available for (Enterprise) Risk management and risk analysis and Collection of methods for presenting a risk picture / risk visualisation techniques.
I encourage members who can contribute to the idea to go ahead and reply to the discussion.  

Yuriy Gusev created a new blog post -   Risk and Opportunities of Public-Private Partnership in Russia. Can’t Live Without Kickbacks? Let’s Formalize Them! This is an interesting theme yet brilliantly described in the famous Gogol poem “Dead souls” in the19th century; apparently the problem still exists. 

CJ Conti created a new blog post US banks under increasing scrutiny when he stated that real-time risk intelligence across the whole spectre of the company is a major issue right now. I am sure many members can contribute to the blog post.

We have some new and interesting events (see events section) and white papers uploaded by our members:
Bas Knol uploaded  White paper Planning your way out of the financial crisis.pdf, A roadmap to derisking corporate pensions

William Bastiaan has uploaded    The Status of Chinese Credit Management in 2009.pdf. You can check out these and other wite papers under the White papers on Risk management discussion.

The following new members introduced themselves to the community:  Avinash R. KatrapU.B. Ciminieri,Peter Saxton 
Please check out their introduction messages. Everybody is encouraged to go ahead and introduce themselves to the other members of the community - who you are and what you do using the following link or create your own discussion or blog entry. Have fun.

We have uploaded some videos: Matthews on CNBC – Basel 3 & Impact on Banks

Dear member, if you are an author and are interested in giving an interview, presenting yourself and your book to the Global Risk community, please send me a message and I will organise an interview session and feature your book. And don’t forget that every member has a full page to promote themselves, their personal blog or website, and (if you have one) your book.

Commercial opportunities.

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Thanks for being here and have fun!
Boris Agranovich
Founder of GlobalRiskConsult