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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

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Robin Sharma

Dear GlobalRisk community member,

Recent bad news on the economic front has been interrupted by a speech by  Mr Bernanke, who said the economy has indeed underperformed, but it will get better. And if it doesn’t, he will do more unconventional things. The other hot question is a possible developing bubble in government bonds. Some major economists like Mr. Noriel Roubini are even predicting that some government bonds might default.

Sweden’s financial watchdog revoked this weekend the banking licence of HQ Bank, citing “major deficiencies” in trading operations just a day after the niche bank firmed up terms for a capital increase. Certainly it will be interesting to hear comments of our Scandinavian members who know more about the situtation and the HQ Bank.
It means that even after conducting the stress tests both in USA and Europe, there are some black holes in the financial system.

By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

Issue highlights

Despite the summer holidays we’ve got some exceptional material posted on our site by our members.

Munirul Ula published a discusson The study on Information Security governance in the banking system and asked fellow members to participate in his survey for his PhD study.  Dear member, please go ahead and fill the survey to help our fellow member with his research.

Alex Dali published a discussion  with a link to his article ISO 31000 : the Gold Standard - a balanced view on the new Risk Management standard. 

Benjamin Shiu replied to my discussion What Additional Things Can the GlobalRisk community Do For You?and suggested discussing fundamental questions such as: How are banks going to operate after the crisis? How will banks continue to be profitable and to grow? How is the financial service industry going to evolve under increased restriction and supervision? I encourage members who can contribute to the idea to go ahead and reply to the discussion. 

Robert Arvanitis posted a new discussion:  Feedback mechanisms where he discussed interconnected issues of “failed” politics and regulations. Members who have something to contribute please go ahead and make your comments.

The most active member during this period was undoubtedly Mark Sappol who posted 3 interesting blog posts: Real-time Risk Intelligence, VaR: friend or foe? and Managing counterparty risk is the key to restoring confidence in the industry Interested members please go ahead, read and comment on these posts.

I posted a blog post Alistair Darling: RBS was 'a couple of hours' from collapse with a shocking revelation that the whole financial system could have collapsed had BoE not been bailed out RBS. 
Deon Binneman added a blog post: Have you adequately defined Reputation Risk in your Business? Please make your comments.

Jan Floyd-Douglass  introduced herself to the community and proposed to publish weekly updates re: the top 5 ERM or other risk elements in the news (and who has the best solutions for them). And she is interested in playing golf with a few fellow GRC golfers!! I hope we can arrange an international golf tournament soon between members of GRC.  But for the time being all golfers based in the UK are free to contact Jan and arrange the round and possible tournament. Enjoy it! You can choose your prises from our shop which you can find under the Sponsors tab. 

We will certainly look forward to publishing some weekly updates and would like to ask volunteers who can contribute, aggregate and provide material to step forward and sign up to the Press group where we can organise the weekly news publication.
Everybody is encouraged to go ahead and introduce themselves to the other members of the community - who you are and what you do using the following link or create your own discussion or blog entry. Have fun. 

We have some new and interesting events (see events section) and white papers uploaded by our members:

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Thanks for being here and have fun!
Boris Agranovich
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