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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

"It often happens that a player carries out a deep and complicated calculation, but fails to spot something elementary right at the first move." -- grandmaster Alexander Kotov --inscribed on gift chess sets given by Amaranth hedge fund. 

Dear GlobalRisk community member,

There was a lot of talk about a double dip in August, but we had two recent pieces of information like non-farm pay roll data from the States and the World Index which were better than expected and they lifted the news somewhat. The bonds markets however are still indicating a much weaker economy than equity markets. 

Europe produced its agreement between parliament and government negotiators about a new Supervisory Board and specifically a Systemic Risk Council body.  It does not have any legal power but in theory can name and shame. Beneath that, Europe will have three other bodies which will look into the Banks, Securities and Assurance respectively. They will also have powers to intervene when there are disputes between national supervisors between the member states. What they can’t do is force sovereign member states to bailout institutions. So Europe now is catching up with America on the way to a total regulatory overhaul.

By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it! 

Issue highlights.

People came back from the summer vacation and again provided some exceptionally good content on our site. If you did not notice we will soon celebrate our 2000th member. It is remarkable that we had our 1000th member only 2 months ago.

The most active person during the last period was without any doubt David G. Wilson who posted several videos, blog posts, discussions and 4 news items and his personal page became a masterpiece. 
Have a look at the Forum discussion to discover new discussions: Will insurers adopt tools for NOW to minimise risk tomorrow?, and in the news section he posted some very interesting content includingEnterprise Risk Management & Complexity analysis and “Physics Envy...” presentation by Prof Andrew Lo: Risk & Uncertainty (in financial systems)

Mark Sands published a discussion Capital Disclosure: Has it slowed down? and asked your feedback on this very important issue for his report for Operational Risk magazine. Please go ahead and give  your suggestions on this topic.  

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