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"100% of the shots you don't take don't go in" Wayne Gretzky


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The major economic news of the last period included the decision of the Japanese Central Bank to print even more money than their European counterparts to try to drive down the Yen. It seems that the major economies are trying to compete now as to who can create the most money. Investors were positioned for what we thought would be a double-dip recession and massive inflation, but now the mood has swung the other way. For example,  Brazil's state-controlled oil firm, Petrobras, raised $70 billion to help finance a massive expansion of Brazil's oil output – the largest share offering yet seen worldwide. Meanwhile China started to export its currency. The first client was the Malaysian central bank and very soon we will be holding banknotes with Chairman Mao as we hold now those with Uncle Sam on them.


By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

Issue highlights.


Today our community surpassed 2000 members. It is remarkable that we celebrated our 1000th member only few months ago. We congratulate Francisco Hernandez from Spain who became our 2000th member. As our price we would like to feature Fransisco on our main page and would like to ask him to share with us some interesting material or a story about his work, plans or just any question he might have.

We’ve again a long list of new and interesting posts on our website. Our Leaderboard section has filled very quickly and some of the top members are:  Maynardo LaloMark SappolDeon BinnemanDavid G.  Wilson and Shavonne Howlett.

Maynardo lalo posted a very popular discussion:  "What is the recommended "fundamental" Risk Management training?" which has alreay received many reactions. If you have anything to add to this interesting  theme, please make your comment. Maynardo lao also replied to my discussion What Additional Things Can GlobalRisk community Do For You? and proposed to organise  basic training on ERM frameworks and tools as well. I think this is a great idea and I created a new group called Trainers  where we want to collect some experienced people who can give trainings, so we can discuss this idea further. 

Dear member if you are a trainer or have some ideas how to organise training via the GlobalRisk Community – please sign up to the group and post your ideas. Tim Alying started a discussion Cloud-based service for communication during an incident Every one interested in the  topic please check it out and make your comments. Marc Laplante created a discussion “Reconciling blast craters and ERM , please check it out and make your comments. 

We have a large number of new Blog posts: Brand Building of Risk Management Department By Sonia JaspalQ&A: Connecticut’s New Data Breach Mandate  by Shavonne HowlettThe terrible troika - Uncertainty, Risk and Complexity by B.R. Deshpande and When your Parachute Doesn't Open  by Riskviews


We have many new videos: Warning: Physics Envy May be Hazardous to Your Wealth  by David G Wilson,

Parsing the Basel III Bank Rules

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Tim AylingBert Gouw and Barrie Watson introduced themselves to the community. Everybody is encouraged to go ahead and introduce themselves to the other members of the community - who you are and what you do using the following link or create your own discussion or blog entry. Have fun


Members are encouraged to check out  the white papers uploaded by our members and upload their own white papers.

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Companies and individuals are welcome to become sponsors. We have prepared a very attractive service solutions for sponsors and advertisers. We want to propose to our sponsors more opportunities such as: A dedicated section of the website to talk to members, possibilities for product focus groups, opportunities for market research, polls, surveys, videos , etc; Host online/offline events, webinars, chats; full details can be found on the following link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/35061094/GRCsponsorship; We are open to discuss any dedicated solutions that might suit your organisation and budget.


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GlobalRiskConsult has developed several new services which we want to propose to members of our community:

1. Quick Risk scan for your institution or a specific department.

2 Tailored Seminars/Courses on Risk management and social networking for business. Courses are facilitated either in-house, or at local and international venues of choice. Seminars can be custom designed to fit any need.

3. Various training courses are available including: Coaching program on social media and risk management. On-request training in specific bodies of knowledge.

4. Speaking engagements on Risk management and Social networking delivered globally. .If you are interested, please contact me directly to discuss these opportunities.


Brief summary of ourselves you can find here: http://www.globalriskconsult.com, visit our knowledge zone,news and jobs   We are open to any business ideas, propositions and collaboration. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.


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