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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

"People understand contests. You take a bunch of kids throwing rocks at random and people look askance, but if you go and hold a rock-throwing contest - people understand that." Don Murray 

Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

The main risk news of the last period was that the Fed issued an order against HSBC North American Holdings requiring the bank to improve company-wide risk management, including practices to prevent money laundering.
It said that within 30 days, the bank's board of directors must submit a detailed plan for strengthening oversight of its compliance risk-management program. HSBC is also required to submit to the Fed a company-wide compliance risk assessment that contains recommendations for improving controls and provides an evaluation of its compliance risk exposure.
Another important news is an acquisition frenzy in the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance  – IBM acquired Open Pages,  a leading technology provider and Wolters Kluwer acquired FRSGlobal, another major player in this area.  

By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

Today we would like to announce our first contest:

Creation of a viral Video or another media creative about GlobalRisk Community: - the aim is to create a short and powerful video with a link to which we can put on YouTube. In this video of about 30sec-1,5 minutes you will tell a story about benefits of being a part of GlobalRisk community and some of your experience so far with the community. Your video needs to be funny or or remarkable or have some fascinating information or be controversial. Basically the video needs a reason for people to pass it on. 
The author of the best story will win the contest and will get a very valuable price –1 press pass ($2095 is the price for an ordinary ticket only) to one of the most prestigious annual events in the Hedge Fund Industry –the Hedge Fund Compliance summit which will take place on Nov 15-16th at Princeton Club, New York City. Have a look at the link to see the programme and impressive list of speakers. GlobalRisk community is a proud media partner of this major event. 
The conditions of the content are simple: you make a viral story: either a small film that can be placed on YouTube about the GlobalRisk Community where you tell an interesting story about the benefits or your experience. You can also provide us with another media story which can go viral, for example an article in a major publication, a press release that went viral and so forth. Some background of my thoughts - I already know that membership in GlobalRisk Community has changed for good lives of at least several people: - some found business partners, some found employment, some found a new client and some just visit our site regularly to read last news, posts and share information. I have not heard yet about marriages been started via our site, but the number of friends requests is high indicating that the community is really connecting peers around the globe. Moreover we are not only business, but a social network too – so if the community helped you in social aspect, you can point it out at your story. 

1. You have to be a member of GlobalRisk community
2. You make your masterpiece, don’t forget to include the link to inside it and send it to with a subject “GlobalRisk community contest”. 
3.The deadline is 5th November 9AM Amsterdam Time.
4. We will judge the creative and award the best. All creatives will be put under the GlobalRiskCommunity account on YouTube. In case you produced a Press release or an article in other media about GlobalRisk Community we want to have a copy of that an also the material evidence of the publication.  
5. The victor will get 1 press pass for 2 days to the Hedge Fund Compliance summit which will take place on Nov 15-16th at Princeton Club, New York City and will be friendly asked to promote some materials like folders and presentation about the GlobalRisk community, make some interviews with delegates and publish a report about the event on GlobalRisk community.
Other participants who won’t win will get chance to buy the ticket with 10% discount.
Members who want to participate in the contest but don't need the ticket to the event still can send us the creative and win a valuable price. In case if they win we will award them by featuring them or their company on our website and promoting their business or profile. This is quite a serious benefit because the website has very good traffic and it will significantly increase visibility of our victor among Global Risk Community peers.

For tips and tactics on how to make a viral video you might check this website out:

We recently posted a Risk Management survey on the main page: please answer 4 questions – via the following link or just by visiting our main page.
Our Media adviser Milena Rodban issued the press release about our community reaching 2000 members. The press release was sent to several PR companies and all members are welcome to share this press release with their colleagues and friends.

Issue highlights:

 is still making waves and producing many comments.
Lakshman  started a new discussion Innovative ways to foster Ethical culture in organisation and asked for your feedback. 

In the blog section we have many new and interesting posts:
Deon Binneman posted 2 interesting posts: Powerlines 95 - A Strategic Reputation Insights Newsletterand Why You Should Plan for Crises Before They Happen!

Sonja Jaspal published many posts including Whistleblowing- The Psychological Paradox – please check out and make your comments. 
Riskviews published a blogpost Lightning or Lightning Bug
Milena Rodban published an interesting discussion about sceptical attitude towards Political Risk analysis in the Political Risk group.

Sylver Kyeyune has introduced himself. Please have a look at his introduction. Everyone is welcome to introduce him/herself: who you are and what you do using the same link:
The new videos uploaded to our site are:

We now can deliver you more regular updates and inisights.
Members who are interested in receiving such updates are welcome to subscribe via the following link:  

Commercial opportunities:
Companies and individuals are welcome to become sponsors. We have prepared a very attractive service solutions for sponsors and advertisers. We want to propose to our sponsors more opportunities such as: A dedicated section of the website to talk to members, possibilities for product focus groups, opportunities for market research, polls, surveys, videos , etc; Host online/offline events, webinars, chats; full details can be found on the following link:; We are open to discuss any dedicated solutions that might suit your organisation and budget.

Thanks for being here.
Boris Agranovich
GlobalRisk Community, Founder