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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

"To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal."   Peter Ustinov

Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

Recently we hear more and more news about currency wars. Having survived a few wars already including the cold war and the 1st Gulf War, and having heard my parents’ stories about the Second World War and from my grandmother about the First World War, I find it a wonder that we had a small period of time without any war at all! 
The news items remind me of the reportage from war zones. For example, I came across the following phrase in a major newspaper:

“The currency wars escalated last night as Washington launched a fresh attack on Beijing over the strength of the Chinese exchange rate. US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner said China should let the renminbi appreciate as tensions between the two nations showed no sign of cooling.”

It looks like political, sovereign and also institutional risks are quite high now. This was also one of my conclusions from an interview I recorded recently with Mr. Khalid Sheikh  a member of ours and one of the pioneers in the Sustainable Development within banking, and adviser to Basel committee on Sovereign Risk. The interview will be publshed soon on our Community website.

By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

Issue highlights:

There was a lot of activity during the last couple of weeks on our community site.
Two new groups have been successfully launched: the DutchRisk Community and the India Risk Community.
We have more than 30 people already on the DutchRisk Community. The current plans are to organise off-line events, invite distinguished speakers, discuss the issues facing Risk practitioners, develop relationships and to make    recommendations both to decision-making organisations and industry parties. We are also compiling a Who's Who list in the DutchRisk community.

The Indian Risk Community Group which is led by Sonia Jaspal was launched a few days ago and is gathering momentum, generating a lot of interesting discussion and planning for future off-line events.

This group vision is twofold:
1. To facilitate local Indian Risk managers to leverage their knowledge and build relationships.
2. Act as an India Desk, where risk managers from multinational organisations can ask relevant questions.
 If you are doing or planning to do business with India you should seriously consider joining the group. 

We welcome any initiative to create a new group be it geographical or over a specific body of knowledge.    

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New discussions and blogs.

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Sonia Jaspal started a discussion about India Risk Community where she outlined her vision of the group. Please check it out and make your comments. 

Pieter Rossouw and  Nagesh Bharadwaj introduced themselves to the community . Please check it out and introduce yourself to the community – using the same thread: who you and what you do.

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Boris Agranovich
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