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Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

"Bailing out people who made ill-advised mortgages makes no more sense that bailing out people who lost their life savings in Las Vegas gambling places." 
— Thomas Sowell

The IMF is in Ireland to look over the Irish books. Ireland is the next after Greece to get bailed out either by the ECB or by the IMF, and it will have to pay the price by either adjusting its corporate tax structure, currently the lowest in the EU, or by imposing some severe social cuts programmes. Ireland has gotten into this mess a little bit differently than Greece. In Ireland the Banks and not government fiscal problems created problems by providing ridiculously cheap loans which blew back into their face. Irish Banks inflated the Real Estate bubble which has blown up recently, leaving hundreds of thousands of non-completed houses and insolvent banks.     

Who will be next? Portugal and Spain have large sovereign debts and unemployment rates and things are moving very slowly there to help them to emerge from the crisis on their own. 
The Euro still managed to avoid collapse because the European mechanism was already in place after the Greek fiasco.

 By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

Issue highlights:

3 more new groups have been launched inside our community:

USA Risk Community led by Milena Rodban has now more than 50 members,

UK Risk Community led by Liz Taylor counts more than 30 members. 

There are some interesting discussions going on out there. Every GlobalRisk Community member can read the publications in both groups, but to write a post or a comment you should become a member.  

We also have now Ugandan Risk Community led by Sylver Kyeyune.  Everyone interested in Uganda and in African Risk Management are welcome to join and contribute.  

We encourage members from other countries to take the initiative and create a country or region specific Group where you can find colleagues and discuss common issues. 

This is an interesting development because by actively creating both geographical and specific groups, our community can become a single place to horizon scan the emerging risks as observed by Stuart Wardle  in his discussion at the UK group. 

New discussions and blogs:

There were many new and interesting posts and discussions started at the last couple of weeks on our community site.

Warren Buffet's Reality Dream by Jean L.N. Hofsté with some great insight

 Marvin Clark published a great analysis in his blog post Intermission on the Stage of World Finance

For those who missed the previous issues and for new members I recommend to check out the interview  with Mr. Amer Chaudri about his book “Diatribe”.  His story touches on everyday banking people as well as scandal-ridden executives. It speaks to the non-professional as much as to the expert. You can read large excerpts from the book and buy it from both Amazon and Flipkart.   

New features on Global Risk Community.

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Boris Agranovich
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