Friendships developed virtually are as real as those developed at the company picnic”.

Pete Fiels.





1. Social media triggers a revolution in the Arab World

2. Webinar: Social media in your business: The Risks vs. The Opportunities March 15 @ 12pm EST delivered by Boris Agranovich in cooperation with ITGRC Forum

3. Announcement of DutchRisk Community kick off event

4. Latest discussions, blogs and videos

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1. Social media triggers a revolution in the Arab World


In the previous issue we warned about possible spreading the revolution in the Middle East region driven by Economic disparity  and global governance failures. For many years now, Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries have been stockpiling social, political and economic explosives and only a spark requires igniting a major unrest.

Social media and especially services such as Blogs, Twitter and Facebook help people to organize effectively and they provided a spark to ignite the region, especially in Egypt as we saw this week.


Do you have a social media horror story to share? Let us know here by replying to this discussion thread?


2. Webinar: Social media in your business: The Risks vs. The Opportunities

When: March 15 @ 12pm EST

In the business world the treads and opportunities of Social Media are still unchartered territory for many companies. I am going to deliver a webinar on Risks and opportunities in Social media together with ITGRC Forum which will be held on March 15 @ 12pm EST.


Join us in this live webinar as we discuss:

  • The need for effective strategies and policies.
  • Social media compliance policies, and some case studies.
  • Protection of (fair use of) intellectual property.
  • Regulatory requirements on the use of social media.


You are invited to subscribe via the link below:

BrightTALK Channel:



By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!



3. DutchRisk Community kick off meeting on 16, Feb from 19:00 to 22:00


We announced several weeks ago about our first off-line event in the DutchRisk Community. I know that the Indian community has already conducted their event very successfully and now the Dutch Group is catching up and we encouraging other major groups such as: USA and UK to meet together and discuss interesting topics and report back to the community.


We have good news for the Dutch Members – we’ve got the Event sponsor -Nederlandse Adviesbureu voor Risicomanagement, NAR who will provide a venue, drinks and snacks and we have fantastic speakers and agenda.


When: 16, Feb from 19:00 to 22:00

The venue is:  Hotel Mitland, Street: Ariënslaan 1, 3573 PT Utrecht and the agenda is as follows:


1. Icesave: the Real Story. The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to own an Icelandic one! Speaker is Gerard van Vliet


2. ERM implementation challenges. Speaker is Robert P.G. 't Hart from NAR


3. Risk Management and Regulatory position in Hifrequency exchange trading. Speaker is Walter Hendriks.


You are welcome to RSVP to the event via the following link.



4. Issue highlights:


We’ve got many new and interesting discussions initiated in the last couple of weeks. 


Security Risks of Web 2.0  by Biji Scaria - a concise and informative article will give you a complete overview of major risks of the Web 2.0 services and platforms as well as risk mitigation techniques.

Banks look outside financial sector for risk IT expertise to keep a...

Is it safe to travel to Thailand in 2011? New annual report by Tony Ridley

Call For Papers by Dimitar Zayakov

Transport Policy by Dimitar Zavakov

Getting your data ship-shape to weather the buy-side perfect storm  by Dick Severs

Travel Alert-Travel Safe: 2011 Business Travel Threats (Online Semi... by Tony Ridley


New videos:


Arrivals and Departures-Travel Safe Advice to Thailand

Cultural and Historic Sites-Travel Safe Advice to Thailand

Leisure and Social Activities-Travel Safe Advice to Thailand


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