A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk community member,
At the time of writing the GlobalRisk community has grown to over 500 registered members representing all continents and over the whole spectrum of the risk profession. We have CEOs, CROs, investors, leading academics, senior managers, analysts, quants, and entrepreneurs. By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!
Our 500th member became Franz-Rudolf Brüggemann from Germany!

Issue highlights:

In the coming week I will be attending by invitation a working session at the House of Lords on Emerging Risks, and I will be reporting back about this session in the next edition.  
I placed a poll on the site (under the tab Poll) "What are the most important emerging risks across the corporate landscape". Please go forward and vote. The results of your vote will be published on the site.

Participation and discussions:

Last week we noticed that many people have started actively participating in discussions and sharing knowledge. Here are some examples:
Peter C Andersen added a news item “The perfect prosecutorial Storm”  - a former prosecutors view on how the enforcement seas got so rough and how to sail through them.
Johannes Joubert added his white paper on the recent released ISO31000 standard
Dan Solomon, Patrick N Cowan and John Wartman introduced themselves to the community by taking part in the Introduction thread below.
Everybody is encouraged to go ahead and use this thread to tell the members about yourself- who you are and what you do.  Have fun.
We have added some new interesting videos: “George Soros on economic theory at the INET Inaugural Conference”
and  "Economics 101 or Why we are in such a mess" by Peter Shiff

Dear member, if you are interested to give an interview, present yourself and your book to Global Risk community, please send me a message and I will organise an interview session and feature your book.

Some information for newcomers.

How can you benefit from the group and what can you do?
·    You can invite new members, search members using advanced search criteria and invite existing members to become Friends;
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·     You can start your blog, discussion, organise events
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Commercial opportunities.

Some of the members requested the possibility to advertise for products, jobs or services.
We are already offering service solutions and if you are interested please let us know. We will contact you to discuss the opportunities!

YOUR COMPANY on the GlobalRisk community

Our vision is to be the world’s premier online meeting place for risk professionals and service providers. This means that the site will lead an independent life: we depend on no one. Obviously there are costs incurred. The business model is based on a number of faithful partners or sponsors, coupled with the possibility for companies to place commercial advertisements.
Do you want to be one of our faithful partners, sponsors or advertise on the site? Please let us know and we will contact you to discuss the opportunities!

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Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Thanks for being here and have fun!
Boris Agranovich
Founder of GlobalRiskConsult