A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk community member,
At the time of writing the GlobalRisk community has grown to over 650 registered members representing all continents and over the whole spectrum of the risk profession. This growth really exceeds all our expectations and our main task for the coming period will be to engage with you, increase participation and the quality of  knowledge sharing and discuss with you some ideas of how to go forward as a real community which shares common ideas and specific goals.
By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

Plans for the future. New services – peer sourcing or a “recommendation community”.
We live in the time of WEB 2.0 which means people doing similar jobs and having similar goals collaborating to share knowledge and exchanging valuable information (within the borders of legal and confidentiality agreements of course) to achieve their goals in much faster way.

1. We want to organise “peer sourcing” or a “recommendation community” on our site which means members can
· anonymously provide ratings of service providers and their products. Such a concept is already well established within consumer communities and we will be introducing it within Risk and Financial services. The idea is that we will provide ratings for the products and services based on our members’ experiences and hereby benefiting everyone.
· make new recommendations on  the products and services you are looking for. We will be developing this concept further and will come soon with some concrete steps.
· provide "pain solving" to an individual member by generating relevant content and recommendations. 
If anyone has his or her own proposal please let me know.

2.   We would like to establish an Advisory Board  and ask people having leading positions in their industry or retired executives who want to contribute and advise on how to go forward with the community. For this purpose we created a new group on the site: Advisory Board. If you are willing to serve as an Advisor please apply to this group with your motivation by clicking on the following link: http://globalriskconsult.ning.com/group/advisoryboard
3.    We would like to establish a panel of experts and ask people who have more than 10 years experience in their area of expertise and are willing to contribute to the community in time and effort to step forward and let us know in which field of expertise they want to contribute as an Expert, and coordinate working streams to compile ratings and recommendations. For example, we would like to have experts with strong background in regulation, ERM, credit risk, market risk, OpRisk and other disciplines. Do you want to be our panel expert? Please click on the following link: http://globalriskconsult.ning.com/group/panelofexperts
The idea is that our community will rate products and services, generate recommendations and be an active part of society and business life. One condition for a panel expert is that you should not be an interested party, i.e. not a specific vendor whose product we are going to rate. Please note that membership of these groups will not be automatic upon request, but will be pending approval. Alternatively you can send a direct message to me.

Issue highlights:
Last week I attended by invitation a working session on Emerging Risks at the House of Lords. This session was organised by Flexeye, and chaired by Adrian Seccombe, who is a Jericho Forum Board Member. The working session discussed and debated the emerging risks we face this decade in new spaces, including social media, cyberterrorism, consumerisation and the cloud. The members actively participated in the round table discussion and made their contribution in a Global Risk Register, which will be compiled soon. We organised our poll on the same issues on our site and the ongoing results you can see on the main page of the site.  

Participations and discussions:
Many people have started actively participating in discussions and sharing knowledge. Here are some examples:
B.R. Desphande added a new blog item: Prediction on US GDP this quarter - lucky guess?  and  uploaded a white paper on the same threat. http://globalriskconsult.ning.com/profiles/blogs/prediction-on-us-gdp-this
Everybody is encouraged to go ahead and introduce themselves to the other members of the community - who you are and what you do using the following link. Have fun. http://globalriskconsult.ning.com/forum/topics/introduce-yourself-to-members
Popular discussion items are as follows: What are Risk managers worth? - The results of the "2010 Risk management Compensation Survey" (conducted by National Underwriter in partnership with Logic Associates in USA) By Sam Friedman and White papers on Risk management.
We have added some new and interesting videos: Death of High frequency trading? http://globalriskconsult.ning.com/video/death-of-highfrequency-trading

and A Risk Manager's Must Watch - Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets.
Dear member, if you are an author and are interested in giving an interview, presenting yourself and your book to the Global Risk community, please send me a message and I will organise an interview session and feature your book.
We will establish a stricter intake criteria and add some new fields into the profile. I would like to discuss this with the shortly appointed Advisory Board.

Some information for newcomers.
How can you benefit from the group and what can you do?
· You can invite new members, search members using advanced search criteria and invite existing members to become Friends;
·  If you visited an event or a conference, please share some interesting material with other members by uploading it into a discussion thread or using the Docs tab;
·  You can read and upload an interesting white paper or a research here: http://globalriskconsult.ning.com/video/a-risk-managers-must-watch
· Take a look at our online library of Risk management books. You can buy all the risk books you need from here: http://www.globalriskconsult.com/library.php
· You can start your blog, discussion, organise events
· Community guidelines can be found here: http://globalriskconsult.ning.com/notes/Community_Guidlines

Commercial opportunities.
Some of the members requested the possibility to advertise for products, jobs or services. We have prepared our service solutions for sponsors and advertisers. Please have a look at the following link:
If you  want to organise a webinar or a training via the GlobalRisk community please let us know.
YOUR COMPANY on the GlobalRisk community. Our business model is based on a number of faithful partners or sponsors, coupled with the possibility for companies to place commercial advertisements. Do you want to be one of our faithful partners or sponsors, or advertise on the site? Please let us know and we will contact you to discuss the opportunities!

Brief  summary of ourselves you can find here: http://www.globalriskconsult.com
Our knowledge zone with our articles and many other interesting material you can find here: http://www.globalriskconsult.com/knowledge-zone.php
Are you looking for a job? Have a look at our real time banking and risk job board before they appear on the main job boards – be ahead of your competition: http://www.globalriskconsult.com/job-board.php
If you like to read the main Risk management news - you don't have to go further than the link below: http://www.globalriskconsult.com/news.php

We are open for any business ideas, propositions and collaboration.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.
Thanks for being here and have fun!
Boris Agranovich
Founder of GlobalRiskConsult