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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk community member,

Instead of looking on discussion as a stumbling block in the way of action, we think it an indispensable preliminary to any wise action at all. (Pericles)

We again grew substantially in the last few weeks both in quantitative and qualitative terms and we reached more than 850 registered members representing all continents and over the whole spectrum of the risk profession. 
By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

Surveys, polls and the recent initiatives

Over the last few weeks we have been busy forming the Advisory Group , the Panel of Expert  and PressGroups. The first two groups have been mainly formed and we have put some proposals there for discussion by the newly appointed members. Dear members of these groups, please go ahead and let us know what you think about the proposals outlined in the discussion called “peer sourcing manifesto”. Everyone who wants to join and contribute is welcome; just apply to your chosen group along with your motivation.
Please note that membership of these groups will not be automatic upon request, but will be pending approval.

We published a poll on the main page, where you can vote anonymously. Please go ahead and let us know what you think about our community and what type of activities you want to see in the future.  Please take our poll here.

We published some questions (Yes/No) to you on the main page, please go ahead and answer them. You can also post your own questions there.  
If you have any open question that you want to ask, please post it on the discussion forum and I am sure that it will be answered very quickly.  

Issue highlights:

We have alot of new and interesting material uploaded by our members:
Marcus Cree uploaded a large number of White papers from Sunguard,

Marcus Cree also published his video interview “Lessons from the crisis”  

Participations and discussions:

Some people introduced themselves to members of the community and provided some interesting insights:Marcus CreeEdward Collins. Please check their introduction messages out

Everybody is encouraged to go ahead and introduce themselves to the other members of the community - who you are and what you do using the following link or create your own discussion or blog entry. Have fun. 

We have added a new Discussion “Put your say in the book on Icesave” by Gerard van Vliet, member of our community, and one of the victims of the collapse of Landsbanki branch Icesave.

Everyone is welcome to comment on this and other discussions 

Dear member, if you are an author and are interested in giving an interview, presenting yourself and your book to the Global Risk community, please send me a message and I will organise an interview session and feature your book.

Dear member, contribute to our content by publishing news, articles, events, ...
Promote your contributions through unique tools and gain unprecedented visibility among Risk Professionals.

Some information for newcomers.

How can you benefit from the group and what can you do?
·    You can invite new members, search members using advanced search criteria and invite existing members to become Friends;
·     If you visited an event or a conference, please share some interesting material with other members by uploading it into a discussion thread or using the Docs tab;
·     You can read and upload an interesting white paper or a research here
·    Take a look at our online library of Risk management books. You can buy all the risk books you need from here: 
·    You can start your blog, discussion, organise events

New services from GlobalRiskConsult. - Trainings and coaching

GlobalRiskConsult has developed several new services, which we want to propose to members of our community:
1. Quick Risk scan for your institution or a specific department.
2. Tailored Seminars/Courses. Risk management for non Risk managers.  This training includes management overviews, 3 hour learning units, one day condensed programs and two day training seminars.
Courses are facilitated either in-house, or at local and international venues of choice. Seminars can be custom designed to fit any need. 
3. Various training courses are available including:
· Coaching program on social media and risk management.
· On-request training in specific bodies of knowledge
If you are interested, please contact me directly to discuss learning opportunities.

Commercial opportunities.

Companies and individuals are welcome to become sponsors. We have prepared our service solutions for sponsors and advertisers. Please have a look at the following link:
If you want to organise a webinar or a training via the GlobalRisk community please let us know.

YOUR COMPANY on the GlobalRisk community

Our business model is based on a number of faithful partners or sponsors, coupled with the possibility for companies to place commercial advertisements. Do you want to be one of our faithful partners or sponsors, create your company page or advertise on our site? Please let us know and we will contact you to discuss the opportunities! 

Brief summary of ourselves you can find here:
You can also visit our knowledge zone with our articles and many other interesting material 

If you like to read the main Risk management news - you don't have to go further than our news page or our news widget on the main page. 
If you are interested in receiving a special high level information delivered to you on your topic of interest, please contact us directly. With this service you will stay always up-to-date and "noise free".  

We are open for any business ideas, propositions and collaboration.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Thanks for being here and have fun!
Boris AgranovichFounder of GlobalRiskConsult