A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

"Every wrong attempt described is another Step Forward... “T.A.Edison


Dear GlobalRisk community member,

This is a very special issue of our Highlights as we surpassed 1000 members in just few months of our 
existence. We congratulate 
Andrejus Moksinas from Lithuania who became our 1000th member. As our price we would like to feature Andrejus on our main page and would like to ask him to share with us some interesting material or a story about his work, plans or just any question he might have.

Our media advisor, Milena Rodban has issued professional press releases about our community 
surpassing 1000 members. These press releases have been seen by hundreds of 
people on the Internet and you can see it here: http://prlog.org/10793227   

We also congratulate our Spanish members for the victory of their national soccer team in the World Cup, and as usual we weep together 
with Dutch who did not make it to the champions again.

By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it! 

Issue highlights

There where many new events published on our site. Have a look at the event section.

Tony Ridley answered comprehensively my question on Travel Security in Kuala Lumpur, 
Malaisia and in the Asia Pasific region
We have posted a new discussion to solicit your ideas
 What Additional 
Things Can GlobalRisk community Do For You
? Please go ahead and tell us what you feel is important for you and we will deliver it.

Madhulika Singh created a new discussion New Legislation and Credit Risk

Quite a few people introduced themselves to members of the community since the last issue of Highlights and provided some interesting insights: Brian Henry, Tom Giangreco, Larry Castle, Milena Rodban, Daniele Vergari, Hanan W. Elgezery, Chris Jacka, Mark Sands.  Please check their introduction messages out here. Many people also started to create new business relationship using our community. This is great and one of our main goals.

Milena Rodban created a new group – Political Risk Networking and posted a discussion Starting a Career in Political Risk Analysis. Anyone who is intsrested, please go ahead, join the group and contribute to the discussion.

Fundsraising campaign to cover the networking costs.

Few weeks ago we launched a Fundraising campaign to cover the networking costs. We are very 
encouraged by your contribution so far, even site visitors who are not members participate in the donation campaign. For those who forgot to do so or did not have time and still feeling like doing so, please go to the main page, scroll down to find the Donation widget and pay by using PayPal or major cards or you can pay 
 using this linkClick here to discover Why we ask you for your help to 
donate money to GlobalRisk community 

New services form GlobalRiskConsult.

GlobalRiskConsult has developed several new services which we want to propose to members of our community: 1. Quick Risk scan for your institution or a specific department. 2 Tailored Seminars/Courses on Risk management and social networking for business. Courses are facilitated either in-house, or at local and international venues of choice. Seminars can be custom designed to fit any need. 3. Various training courses are available including: Coaching program on social media and risk management. On-request training in specific bodies of knowledge 4. Speaking engagements on Risk management and Social networking delivered globally.If you are interested, please contact me directly to discuss these opportunities.

Commercial opportunities.

Companies and individuals are welcome to become sponsors. We have revised our service solutions for sponsors and advertisers. We want to propose to our sponsor more dedicated opportunities such as: A dedicated section of the website to talk to members, possibilities for product focus groups, opportunities for market research, polls, surveys; Host online/offline events, webinars, chats; full details can be found on the following link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/34592860/GRCsponsorship ;

We are open to discuss any dedicated solutions that might suit your organisation.

YOUR COMPANY on the GlobalRisk community. Our business model is based on a number of faithful partners or sponsors, coupled with the possibility for companies to place commercial advertisements. Do you want to be one of our faithful partners or sponsors, create your company page or advertise on our site? Please let us know and we will contact you to discuss the opportunities! Brief summary of ourselves you can find here: http://www.globalriskconsult.com

Our knowledge zone with our articles and other interesting material you can find here:http://www.globalriskconsult.com/knowledge-zone.php   If you like to read the main Risk management news you don't have to go further than this link http://www.globalriskconsult.com/news.php 

Some information for newcomers

How can you benefit from the community and what can you do?

You can invite new members, search members and invite existing members to become Friends;  If you visited an event or a conference, please share some interesting material with other members by uploading it into a discussion thread; Take a look at our online library of Risk management books. You can buy all risk books you need from here; You can start your blog, discussion, organise events: read our community guidelines

We are open for any business ideas, propositions and collaboration. Please let us know if there is anything 
else we can do for you.Thanks for being here and have fun!

Boris Agranovich Founder of GlobalRiskConsult info@globalriskconsult.com