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Dear member, What Risk Managers Should Do Now?
Perhaps you should revisit your risk management processes, identify key suppliers and counterparts at risk, assess your models, run effective scenario analysis with your senior management and adjust your contingency plans.
Strong liquidity positions provided an effective defence against the most recent financial crisis but already constrained debt markets will have limited capacity this time around. 
Take measures to capture emerging risks as quickly as possible. The latest trend is to add a time dimension to risk management to tackle fast-moving risks first, and define clear risk triggers to speed up response.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this topic so please leave 
your comments, opinion, pose your questions and give advice on the implications of the current crisis on your work in particular and on global business in general. Use the following link: Global meltdown 2.0 -What Risk Managers Should Do Now?.  
In the attachment to this discussion thread you will find a research paper commisioned by SAP : “The Superstar CFO: After the crisis. What it takes for financial executive to exel in a changing and uncertain world”.
It is perhaps ironically to call it “after the crisis” as we head into next leg of the crisis. The white paper is released by SAP  to GlobalRisk Community as we are participants in the exclusive SAP CFO Intellectual Exchange Network.
Participation in this network will provide our members early access to pre-released research, white papers and other high value content. 

Please go ahead, read the paper and provide your opinion, give and ask an advice on the implications of the current crisis on your work in particular and on global business in general. Global meltdown 2.0 -What Risk Managers Should Do Now?.

By the way if you got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it! 

Aamir Chan asked about Contract Risk management

Thomas Housel uploaded a very interesting research paper on Intellectual Capital for you to review and comment, 
Lee Werrell is asking a question on Inter Dealer Risk Library.

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We published What are the business Implications of Government actions?

Kristi Rohtsalu analyses the latest EU events in What's going on in Europe?

Tony Coll published a very actual article Another weapon in the fight against the bad guys? Or a step nearer to a Big Brother society?

Michael Thomsett delivered a great number of blog postings:
How do you identify a supply chain's weak links?
The risk of accounting manipulation
Cloudy issues: can we reconcile efficiency and security

We recently interviewed Michael Thomsett.  The interview will be published soon on our site. As one of the top writers on the financial issues Michael is also preparing for us an Option Trading course which we will be available soon to our members.

Toni Ridley published  Why the London riots created a greater business travel threat than a terrorist attack

Steven Minsky posted Takeaways from EGRC Magic Quadrant


2nd IT GRC Meeting: The Fighting Fraud newsletter 
IT GRC meeting, 14th-15th October, Lissabon, Portugal

Dear Infosec Professionals,

The ShadowSEC is the organizer of 2nd IT GRC Meeting, and we are looking for some companies sponsor the event and bring the world's best speakers, focused on IT GRC and Cybercrime Fighting.

The event will be held in Lisbon/Portugal in 14th to 15th - October, and will be responsible for gathering professionals to discuss important issues such as Risk Management, Governance, Compliance, Cybercrime and Information Security.

Ask me about the details or sponsor plan.

See our agenda -

-The Option training course with the world renowned author and our blogger - Michael Thomsett
-Basel III Training
-Additional premium Services - for people who are serious about both their professional networking and carrer.
Colleague, does your company have a solid resource to contribute to our members? Please apply for our partner's exchange here:
Have a great weekend and give us your feedback on what would you like to see on GlobalRisk Community.

Thank you for being here.

Boris Agranovich,

Founder @ GlobalRisk Community