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Dear GlobalRisk community member, 
As summer in most of our members countries comes to a close, take stock of your professional goals. Are you where you want to be going into September? What do you need to do differently to hit your year-end targets? What do you want to have in place next year to improve your results by the end of next summer? 

To help you gear up for your fall goals and initiaives, I want to share with you last month’s most popular blog posts, discussions, research papers and present you with some of our plans that will help you achieve these goals:

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By the way if you got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it! 

Thomas Housel uploaded a very interesting research paper on Intellectual Capital for you to review and comment, 

Gabriel Goldberg is writing article on disaster planning/recovery, business continuity and asking your advice

Lee Werrell is asking a question on Inter Dealer Risk Library.     

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One of the ways we help our members like you become better professionals is by introducing you to great resources we know will help you achieve your goals. Today we're doing just that by introducing you to LATEST RESEARCH, WHITE PAPERS HERE

Anthony Rossi participated on our behalf in the ERM conference in Toronto and provided his observations: MarcusEvans ERM - Canada conference - What does your Organization value?

Bryan Whitefield published What is Strategic Risk Management?

Martin Davies provides his opinion on recent acquisition  IBM Acquires ALGO and analyses Basel III is more difficult than first thought

Edward C D Ingram published a MACRO-ECONOMIC DESIGN - to eliminate Structural and Systemic Risks

Steven Money published Linking Corporate Strategy to Risk Management

Michael Thomsett delivered a great number of blog postings:
Security issues of cloud computing
Issues involved with geographic reduction of a supply chain
Ending unemployment and increasing tax revenues

Risks in accounting rules for less-informed investors

Multiple suppliers - the quality and cost issues

We recently interviewed Michael Thomsett.  The interview will be published soon on our site. As one of the top writers on the financial issues Michael is also preparing for us an Option Trading course which we will be available soon to our members.

Robert Hart posted a poll in Dutch: Enquete FD Durven risico's te nemen

Hideo Suzuki posted  Risk management against risks beyond supposition



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Have a great weekend and give us your feedback on what would you like to see on GlobalRisk Community.

Thank you for being here.

Boris Agranovich,

Founder @ GlobalRisk Community