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Dear member, 

The Euro summit has ended with signing a a comprehensive package, already third this year. The main points: 1. Haircuts for Greece have been agreed, 2. Recapitalisation of the bank to 9% of Core Tier 1 Capital, 3. Firepower of EFSF (European Financial Stability Fund ) has been increased, 4 Some of the core Governance principles for the Euro have been introduced. 
The near term main consequences of the package will probably be that the banks will have to further deleverage which will lead to more weak growth figures. The Euro zone is already nearing another recession and the balancing act is becoming more difficult especially when much bigger problems such as in Italy are on the horizon.

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Financial Forecasting and Planning Summit, Amsterdam, 22 & 23 November 2011

This summit is bringing together some of the top finance executives from around Europe to discuss and share insights within the industry. For more information:
Join us and learn from companies speaking at the summit including Nestle, Sara Lee, Readers Digest, Tradition and many others. This event will create a unique sharing platform to discuss challenges and innovations. 
If you are interested contact Rose at or have a look at the summit website.


To download the PDF agenda, click here, or contact

2012 European Forum on Banking Risk and Regulation will address the challenges that risk professionals face. From the strategic challenges of CRB and Basel III implementation, new capital charges for counterparty risk, the impact on the derivative markets and covered bonds.  Join the industry’s leading professionals in addressing the latest capital management
challenges and effective risk modelling, stress-testing techniques and scenario analysis.
An impressive line-up of senior executives from leading institutions ranging fromStandard Chartered, Lloyds Banking Group, BlackRock, JPMorgan, Northern Trust, UBS, Bank of Ireland, B of A Merrill Lynch, RBS Group Risk among others will gather to address the critical challenges facing the banking and risk community. The high-level presentations, panel discussions and thought-leadership sessions, will also feature unparallel networking and interaction opportunities.

In addition, the 2012 European Forum offers two intensive and highly interactive one-day Masterclasses, on critical matters affecting financial risk professionals: the pre-Forum Masterclass, Effective Liquidity Risk Management and Regulation in a Post-Crisis Financial World, will allow attendees to explore the differing approaches to tolerance
and governance, liquidity adjusted VAR and the increasing incorporation of credit in the liquidity risk framework. Moreover, effective stress liquidity requirements and the regulatory framework will provide attendees with a comprehensive and unmatched event.
The post-Forum Masterclass, Reporting Structures, Process and Risk Management:
From Risk Manager to the Board, will address the ever increasing responsibility of the risk manager with the role of, and interaction with, the Board. A unique opportunity to hear from one of the industry’s leading risk professionals, with senior risk management experience and
Board-level knowledge. A practical and hands-on Masterclass addressing strategic and day- to-day requirements.

The masterclass places are strictly limited to ensure maximum debate and interaction and will automatically close once the quote is reached. Group registrations, made at the same time, also provide additional discounts.


We look forward to welcoming all delegates at the Banking Risk and Regulation Forum.


-Additional premium Services - for people who are serious about both their professional networking and carrer.
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Boris Agranovich,

Founder @ GlobalRisk Community