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Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

There’s so much news that will shape the Global and Risk landscape in the years to come coming out this week! The main news is that in an effort to navigate the euro zone out of the crisis, France, Germany and 21 other countries have decided to draft their own treaty to impose more central control over fiscal issues. UK, Sweden, the Czech Republic have decided to stay out. We will provide a more deeper analysis next week.
In the today’s issue we want to celebrate the fact that our community hit 8,000 members. This is a fantastic achievement and keeps the pressure on everyone for action. Thanks to everyone who’s joined and special thanks to those who have made very special efforts to recruit friends and colleagues. If you enjoy our community you can invite your friends and colleagues so they can benefit as well by sharing this link: .

The idea is that one day GRC will become the center of the ecosystem for people working in the Risk related businesses. And I hope that we achieve all of this together as one!

Recently we opened our Inner Circle Group. Members of the Inner Circle Group stay always up-to-date and "noise-free". Currently in the group you can find, among other material, a 2 day course on Liquidity Risk and Basel III delivered recently to a major Training organization, a Scenarios and stress test workshop, access to approved presentations from world's top conferences and also a full access to our ever-green Resource Directory of white papers and other research material. The current introductory prices are valid only till January 1st, 2012.

By the way if you got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!
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Beula Misrole is asking on Assurance Models for the public sector

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The most popular post of the last couple of weeks without any doubts was delivered by A.Bradford Financial derivatives calculator with 120 Models The post has been viewed more then 400 times already.
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March 19-21, 2012

Chicago, IL


Join ERM leaders from cross-industry perspectives who will share best practices, strategies and tools on exploring strategies and methodologies to address various aspects of enterprise wide risk management.


Hear from key industry leaders from Xcel Energy, Pinnacle Entertainment, HSBC, Eli Lilly & Company, Comcast Corporation, OfficeMax, Harley Davidson, Constellation Energy Group and many more!

Attending This Event Will Enable You to:
1. Become aware that risk management has become more complex and critical in the current economic environment
2. Learn about various concerns in business operations including globalization, technology, economic environment, regulators, competitors and speed of change
3. Maintain costs, while maintaining a proper focus on enterprise wide risk
4. Better educate your board on the nuances of enterprise risk management
5. Lead the effort around formalizing the companies risk management program


For more information, please contact Michele Westergaard at or 312-540-3000 ext. 6625.

coming soon:
- In our regular site: Interviews with industry leaders
- In the Inner Circle Group: New templates and training material

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Thank you for being here.

Boris Agranovich,

Founder @ GlobalRisk Community