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"When Money Talks, there are few interruptions" -- Herbert V. Prochnow

The latest Fed programme of buying  up $600 billion worth of bonds is known as "quantitative easing 2" or QE2, not to be confused with the cruise liner of the same name. It looks like quantitative easing has come to be the single largest monetary policy instrument left to play for the Central Bankers. It’s another word for monetary expansion or flushing the market with cheap liquidity in the hope that it will eventually be lent out to business and spur economic recovery. QE2 means also that the Fed tried it before with no positive results.

Brasil’s Finance minister likeded the latest Fed action to throwing money from a helicopter. His German counterpart named the Feds action “clueless” and doomed to failure. So it seems that the major players can’t agree on the actions of the Fed.

History tells us that printing money to make jobs is a dangerous inflationary game. History also tells us that there are unique periods of time when these kinds of policies work so we will have to see how it will all work out and hope that the Fed is right.  

By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

Issue highlights:

In this issue I want to present you with two interviews I undertook recently.

The 1st interview I took with Mr. Amer Chaudri about his book “Diatribe”.  His story touches on everyday banking people as well as scandal-ridden executives. It speaks to the non-professional as much as to the expert. You can read large excerpts from the book and buy it from both Amazon and Flipkart.   

The 2nd interview was with Mr. Khaled Sheikh, an International consultant and former SVP at ABN-AMRO, and he touches on the important issues of sustainable development and trends in international trade. 

New discussions and blogs:

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Recently the Basel committee published some new important documents. We put links to these documents on the main page for your convenience at the section "Today's Risk Management news".    

Several new members have introduced themselves: Lori Ramos-Marilla and Thomas J Byrnes. Please check out their introduction and go ahead and introduce yourself to the community – using the same thread:who you and what you do

New videos uploaded to the site:

Global Risk community - a risk manager in the desert by Roni Agranovich - a winnar of our creative contest,

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