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“The best reformers the world has ever seen are those who commence on themselves”
 George Bernard Shaw 



The problem lies in the effective implementation of reforms. Any push in 'weaker' euro countries is accompanied by comprehensive reform requirements. But the implementation has stalled completely. Look at countries like France, Spain and Greece where all hell breaks loose when a government proposes changes to the existing system. The social pressure is huge now when these countries want to increase the retirement age from 60 to 62 years. Countries which have a retirement age of 65 years are planning now to increase it to 67.

There are several ideas in circulation how to save the Euro system: a first idea is introduction of an A and a B version, each with its own individual rate and interest rates. The countries that their budget in order, are part of the A-Euro. The 'unhealthy' euro countries fall under the Euro-B, which applies a risk premium. However, so far is still a long way. Another idea in circulation right now is to set up transparent bankruptcy procedures for countries in line with what was done for system banks. 


By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!


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GlobalRisk Community participated as a media partner in two major Hedge Fund conferences that took place in NY and were organized  by Financial Research Associates. 

Marijama Curguz represented our community. She distributed the brochure on our community thereby  increasing our visibility with the Hedge Fund industry. She also posted a summary of her observations in the discussion forum. Please provide your comments on the articles as these comprehensive and complex Tax and regulation changes have major implications for investors abd Risk Managers alike.

Hedge Fund Compliance Summit held at Princeton Club, New York on November 15-16, 2010

12th Annual Effective Hedge Fund Tax Practices Conference

Recently we conducted a survey – Top risk issues facing Risk management . More than 100 people participated in the survey and we issued thepress Release with findings.

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Vote for the best Risk book  got more then 20 comments. The best ten books voted will be displayed on our main page and people can buy them via our site using our partnership deal with Amazon. 

Dimitar Zayakov has created a discussion on  International conference on the maritime piracy issue. Please make your comments on this very actual story.

David LinnardReal Alix and Joe Power  have introduced themselves to the community. Everyone is welcome to introduce themselves – who you are and what you do using this thread or create an interesting discussion or a blog post.


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Everyone is welcome to add new discussions or new blogs and share his/her experience..

Group activity is also accelerating. Especially USA and Indian group are very active. We encourage members from other countries to take the initiative and create a country or region specific Group where you can find colleagues and discuss common issues. Also a new group on a specific body of knowledge is welcome.


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