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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F.Kennedy


1. “The facebook revolution” is spreading through the Middle East.

2. Word-Of-Mouth Grows Us All. Tips how to share information to your friends on other networks.

3. The Ideas bank for our community is live.

4. Latest discussions, blogs and videos.

5. The DutchRisk Community kick off event.

6. Take a few moments and give us your feedback.

7. Information for marketing managers – our sponsorship and advertisement package for 2011.

1. The facebook revolution” is spreading through the Middle East

Algeria, Bahrein, Lybia and Iran appear to be the next steps for the mass protest movement which is sweeping across  the Middle East region. Some have called this the Facebook revolution. What we should remember, however, is a tool like Facebook or Twitter facilitates communication, but the message being spread must be powerful. Both the content and the delivery mechanism is crucial for success.


By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!


2. Word-Of-Mouth Grows Us All. Please Pay It Forward And Spread the Word

You have probably noticed that we grew to 3500 people in just a few monts time. It has been done without any advertising and promotion money spent. How do we do this? Mainly by the word of mouth which means that our members share our rich content to other social media networks such as Linkledin and facebook and people are joining us as the result. You can easily share any page of our site including a profile page, a discussion item, a blog post or a video. 

Look at the top on the right side of our site and you will see the buttons Share on Linkedin and Like on Facebook:

The share counters on our main page indicated today that 88 people shared it on Linkedin and 144 on Facebook. The same goes for every piece of content – a blog, a discussion, a profile page, a video and so on.You can share content on Linkedin in the following multiple ways:


1.You can send a message to your profile status on Linkedin,

2. You can send a message via your Twitter account,

3. The most magical sharing tool however is that with one click you can post a message to multiple groups on Linkledin. You just have to choose your groups (type the first letter of the group and the group names will appear, select the groups, repeat to include all groups you want to share to). Provide a meaningful subject and click share.

4. You can send the message with the link to your contacts on Linkedin.

And the result of this sharing is constantly growing community – viral growth.

Here is the picture of our main viral engine


No matter how you do it, please spread the word... Tell your friends and family, colleagues at work, about GlobalRisk Community. It will allow to attract people just like you, and to OVERdeliver value.


3: The Ideas bank for the community:


We set up the ideas bank for the community. Please have a look at the following link: Ideas bank

The first idea is to run the contest for the best idea. Members will donate a small amount using the Donate link. The person who wins the Best Idea contest will get the 70% of prize money. 30% stays in the house.


Please go ahead, comment and react and if you have an idea of your own, put it in the idea bank.



4: The issue highlights: latest discussions, blogs and videos


We’ve got many new and interesting discussions initiated in the last couple of weeks. 



Recent Activity in the Global Reinsrance Market by C Penland

HRD by Bill Starkey

Managing risks at SME by Dimitar Zayakov

External Loss Data by Lee Werrell

BCP templates for corporate risk exposures by Lise Cloutier

Blog posts:

Transparency for High Frequency Trading Regulators, an Introduction. Contributed by Walter Hendriks

The truth about government travel advisories, warnings and alerts by Tony Ridley

Wordlwide Corporate Credit Rating: Triennial Overview 2007-2009 and

MORE Ratings for Supply Chain Risk Analysis by Valentino Pediroda  

Border Group Inc Possible Bankruptcy? By modeFinance


New Videos:


Knowledge goes global by KGS BV

KGS Global - Knowledge Goes Social (

Travel Risk Management: Technology and Software Webinar with Charles Brossman and Tony Ridley

Travel Risk Management: Technology and Software Webinar with Charles Brossman and Tony Ridley

Make your comments and if you have an interesting story to tell, go ahead and create your own discussion.


5. Dutch Risk community kick off event of 16th Feb was a great success.

We will share with you all pictures, stories and presentations in the next Highlights issue.


6. Take a few moments and give us your feedback

1. How would you rate the Global Risk Community on the scale from 1 to 10?

2. What shall we do to achieve the highest rank 10?

Please take a few moments and answer these two questions via the following link or just by visiting our main page.  


7. Commercial and marketing information:


We are placing our Sponsoring partners in front of a strong customer base and helping them find new leads, clients, employees and opportunities.

Companies and individuals are welcome to become sponsors. We just issued our sponsorship and advertisement packages for 2011. We are currently providing Founding, Bronze, Silver and Gold sponsorship programmes. Please have a look at our sponsorship brochure ; We are open to discuss any dedicated solutions that might suit your organisation and budget.

Our business model is based on a number of faithful partners or sponsors, coupled with the possibility for companies to place commercial advertisements. Do you want to be one of our faithful partners or sponsors, create your company page or advertise on our site? 

To apply please contact us via the following e-mail address:

Media Kit:  For companies considering the advertising campaign for the Risk Market we prepared our Media Kit which is available on request .   



Thank you for being here,

Boris Agranovich,

Global Risk Community founder