"Heightened geopolitical risk profoundly changes the meaning of fundamentals."

- Antoine Halff


  1. Geopolitical risks and what can the GlobalRisk Community do for you

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1. Geopolitical risks and what can GlobalRisk Community do for you

The events unfolding in the Arab world, the centre of global oil production, are a reminder that commodities trading is a pure political game. A situation like this has not arisen since Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. The recent passage of the Suez canal by Iranian war ships make the situation ever more unpredictable and it looks now like a pocket full of firecrackers, just waiting for a spark.

What are the implications of these situations for global trade, energy supplies, and the investment environment for multinationals doing business in the countries involved?

Numerous analysts working for think tanks, large corporates and governments are trying to generate various scenarios and estimate the impact on global stability and markets, and to propose a required response.

In our community we have lots of material related to crisis management, leadership, strategy and security. We are attempting to do more in this area and I hope to inform you soon about new possibilities we can provide to our members with regard to geopolitical analysis.

By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!

2. The issue highlights: Questions, latest discussions, blogs and videos.

Please have a look at the questions still waiting for your answers on our forum. If you think you can help please go ahead and reply to your fellow member.


RCA Remediation

We are currently reviewing our company's RCA process. The aim is to improve the quality of the Risk and Control Assessments (RCAs); however…

Started by Elmari van Deventer

Credit Risk Model

There are different types of model developed to assess credit application of a consumer loan, despite this, credit default is on the increa…

Started by Kolawole Mustapha

Stef Hoffman

Risk Management Maturity Model

I am working on a Thesis involving RM Maturity Model. Found the RKSM model within CMMi and the M_o_R model. Additionally I found some "comm…

Started by Stef Hoffman

Managing risks at SME

It is interesting to find out what type of risks faced the SME in your country and what instruments managers use for prevent them. The prob…

Started by Dimitar Zayakov


Can someone help me identify a trading instrument known as "HRD"? Thank you, Bill

Started by Bill Starkey

What will be the macro-economic effect(s) of absorbing government bonds by increasing money supply ?

It has become a real practice of the Fed and ECB (to support PIIGS countries) to buy up outstanding government debt by excessive money supp…

Started by Paul van Dam

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6. The DutchRisk Community kick off event – reports and presentations.

The event was a great success with interesting presentations and some heated debate which followed the discussions. You can check all the presentations and pictures via the following link.


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