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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

We’ve reached another great milestone: from yesterday GlobalRisk Community counts over 5000 registered members! We’re very happy so many people joined this community already. It makes us feel confident we’re on the right track and it definitely motivates us to improve and develop GlobalRisk Community further. Naturally, and unfortunately, with 5000 followers it’s becoming impossible to get to know everyone in person. That’s why we really appreciate it when people tell us what they think of GlobalRisk Community. We’d like to find out more about our members: your backgrounds, wishes and stories. Compliments and critic remarks, we welcome any feedback. So feel free to email us any remark you may have

Our 5000th member became Peet Rapp from USA. We want to congratulate him and propose to him to write an artcile or a post on our site and we will feature it. 

Some interesting facts & figures on our community.

5000 Members, that’s a lot! Where do they all come from? These are the countries, where at least 50 GRC members live:
USA 1682, UK 531, India 465, the Netherlands 301, Canada 222, Australia 160, France 100, South Africa 82, Italy 69, Russia 55, Belgium 53, Brasil 50.

We would like to say a special thank to all members who are an active contributor. We’re challenging everyone to beat these champions! That’s understandable not all 5000 members are actively contributing,  and we’re certainly happy with ALL members, also those who just enjoy using GRC. And beside that we hope you all keep on using our site, reading our mailings, enjoying and following GRC. Keep yourselves posted on new developments and spread the word, we’re on for the next 5000! 

What we have achieved so far:

We launched our first croudsourced product – GRC Bussiness Continuity tool kit and got many downloads and happy testimonials already. Once considered a luxury, a business continuity plan has become a necessity. Many companies are required to have one by law. Others have implemented them to protect themselves from liability, and some have adopted them after a disaster or after a near miss. Whatever your reason, the right continuity plan is essential to your organization. GRC BUsiness Continuity is very simple to use and user friendly. You don't have to reinvent the wheel because all the needed information and activities are in there. Very practical and helpful for any Risk Manager/Officer dealing with BCP.  It is zero risk and our members can buy it for an introductory price of 75 Euro for a limited period of time only via the following link: GRC Business Continuity toolkit. 

Our members can now book 750 courses organized into 69 course libraries spanning about 2250 hours of e-learning,  and prepare for major Risk certification exams using our e-learning facility.

We participated as media partner in major Risk conferences around the globe. To name a few: ERM and Risk & Compliance organized by Marcus Evans in USA, Risk Minds USA organized by ICBI, 2 major Hedge fund conferences organized by FRA  and we have many more in the pipeline.

We help companies operating in the risk space in quality leads generation, gaining fantastic visibility, connecting with their prospects among both decision makers or future employees. You can find more information in our MEDIA KIT  which is avalable on request. And we have even more in store , but about this next time.

If you think that your organization delivers products and services that will bring value to our members, you are welcome to join our partnership programme. Send us an e-mail to  or just give a call on + 31 630263894 to discuss the opportunities.

Thank you for being here.

Boris Agranovich

GlobalRisk Community, founder