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Last month, there were 6.4 unemployed persons for every job opening, according to the Labor Department. For those who aren't hired, understanding what happens to their candidacy along the way can be a mystery. But knowing what goes on in the hiring process may give prospects the inside track for a job. We're happy to share a webinar recording from Ivy Exec that lifts the curtain on the hiring process.

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WEBINAR RECORDING - How the Hiring Process Really Works
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Go behind the scenes and see what the recruiter sees during the job search. Learn the 8 steps of the hiring process from the employer's perspective; see how to tailor your search to the employer's point of view. Ivy Exec's Presenters, Caroline Ceniza-Levine and her partner, Connie Thanasoulis of SixFigureStart, LLC are Fortune 500 recruiters with 40+ years of experience. Their industry expertise includes financial services, consulting, media, pharmaceuticals, and technology. During this webinar, Caroline will provide action-oriented advice on what employers really want from candidates.