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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk community member,

 1. Tips and tricks - how to make your profile work for you
 2. We are looking for an ERM conference speakers

We want to open a new series of regular messages where we will share with you some valuable tips how you can get most out GlobalRisk community.
Issue 1You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

There is no place where this statement could be truer than inside of the social networks including GlobalRisk Community.  There are so many people who join a network and remain there for ages without proper profiles or photos or as we say in our community stay frogs forever.

Now I want to share with you some tips and tricks how to raise your profile in GlobalRisk  community so you will be able to attract at the level you project.

Tip 1. How to make your GlobalRisk Community  profile work for you

To Optimize your GlobalRisk community profile, increase your visibility do the following:

Click on My Page Tab, you will come to your profile page

1. Click on a little frog at the left and upload a good photo of yours. It can be you on the horse, you on the yacht, you with the kids or you in the office, just get rid of this little frog. 

2. In the tab Profile information you can indicate your main area of interests; use as many relevant keywords as possible. This is a searchable field and other people can find you using these keywords. I recommend that you compile the text in the notepad or in a word document and then copy and paste it to your profile information.

3. In the tab called Text box you can make your profile stand out from the crowd by using HTML, text, images.
I advise you to copy and paste here your Linkedin profile, upload some interesting documents you want to share such as your presentations (embed from Slideshare), word documents (embed from, your books and so on. You can also rename the tab “Text box”  to whatever you want.  

4. You can upload pictures you want to share in the Photo tab. These pictures are displayed on the main page and on every page of the website on the right side. So this is good reason to select a picture, which people want to click so they can come to your profile.  

5. To make your profile outstanding you can add your blog or another news feed you like using Add RSS tab

In the end of the year we will evaluate the profiles and the best profile will be featured. 
In the following link you can see my profile:
This is not a very good example but at least I filled all major fields.
Tip 2. How to respond to an incoming  message:

Do not hit  a return button as you will be sending your reply to and no one will ever receive it.

 Use a link at the bottom of the message saying: 

To reply to this message, click here:

You will be transferred to the site to the messages area where you will be able to write a reply. 

Enterprise Risk Management Conference - 2011 - looking for ERM conference speakers.

We are working together with Marcus Evans and looking for expert leaders to speak for an 4th annual  ERM Conference taking place on March 10 & 11,2011 in Miami, Florida.  
There are some sessions available mainly on compliance, operational RM, Tools and Programs and many more. 
If you are interested and need more details on the conference, please contact Nurul Ishak immediately as she is at the peak of closing the speaker group. You can also reply to the discussion she left in the USA Risk Community group.

Below is the agenda.

1) External Economic Factors changing the risk
2) Compliance issues
3) Advocating need for ERM in an organization
4) Risk Appetite and risk capacity
5) Value in Risk Avoidance
6) Risk Mitigation techniques
7) Operational Risk
8) Qualitative and quantitative measures
9) Tools and framework

Thank you for being here:
Boris Agranovich
GlobalRisk community, founder