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This week we reviewed several good sponsored resources for your professional development. The current issue is dedicated to the trends in Financial management, audits, budgeting and Cloud computing. The main sponsors are: Google, Adaptive,  Intacct, Real Aset Management.
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1. The Why & How of Physical Audits

 The intent of this whitepaper is to explain the business requirement for physically auditing assets, to explore the bene?ts associated with conducting physical audits and to provide a step by step process for performing them.

Effective asset management can help ensure assets are insured at the correct level, facilitate budgeting for maintenance and aid in avoiding unexpected ‘write-offs’. In order to properly manage assets, it is essential to perform thorough routine physical audits. This white paper explains the business requirement for conducting audits, explores the benefits, and provides a step by step process for performing them.


2. Evaluating and Contracting for Cloud Financials: Best Practice Considerations

 In the white paper "Evaluating and Contracting for Cloud Financials", you'll find practical advice and tips to ensure the choice you make is right for your organization. You'll learn:

Why the Web has shifted the power to the buyer and, most importantly, how you can leverage that power during vendor selection and contract negotiation.

Why Service Level Agreements are key to a successful vendor relationship and what you need to understand to set expectations, guarantee performance and reduce risk.

How to think about the ROI of cloud computing versus on-premises solutions. When done accurately, the numbers speak for themselves.


3. Best FP&A Practices Webinar for Financial Services Companies

 Join us for an informative webinar and learn how easy it can be to create exceptional value through FP&A in 2011. You will hear case studies describing how leading financial services firms have been able to move beyond Excel and save time, enhance collaboration, and improve business decisions -- ultimately resulting in higher revenues and profitability. And you'll also see a demo of Adaptive Planning's software.


4.Why Outsource Your Payroll?

 Considering payroll outsourcing? Take the initiative and sign up for a customized payroll package along with a  quote, from Paychex today.

Small-business owners have three basic options for processing payroll: the "do-it-yourself" method, bookkeeping software, and outsourcing to a professional payroll provider. What makes outsourcing the better choice?

For more information, register for a customized payroll package and receive a quote.


5.Try the Market Leading Talent Management Solution Free of Charge!

 Halogen Software's industry leading talent management suite makes it easy to align your workforce, improve productivity, reduce costs and develop human capital as a competitive advantage.

Halogen Software's industry leading talent management suite makes it easy to align your workforce, improve productivity, reduce costs and develop human capital as a competitive advantage. Halogen offers specific suites to meet the unique needs of a variety of industries and makes HR best-practices accessible to companies of all sizes. Learn how thousands of HR pros are simplifying and automating their talent management process, and seeing brilliant strategic results.


6. Moving your business to the cloud.

 View this webcast to learn about the business use cases, return on investment (ROI) and other key considerations for moving your business to the cloud with NetSuite and Google Apps


7. The top ten considerations for Cloud computing.

 Business and IT decision makers are increasingly confused by the rising number and type of cloud computing solutions. Everyone it would seem is now promising to save you time and money with this or that kind of web-based service for everything from email and enterprise applications to storage and data management. Regardless of the information overload, however, organizations of all types and sizes must embrace the age of computing without borders to increase competitive advantage and grow their business.



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