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“Never make predictions, especially about the future”. 
Casey Stengel 

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Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

Mr.Nassim Taleb also known as Black Swan has recently published his predictions related to the current political, technological, financial and economical paradigms. He argued that many institutions and concepts that we take for granted won’t survive the coming 25 years.

Here are some of his thoughts. 
Companies that are currently large, debt-laden, listed on an exchange and paying bonuses will be gone. Those that will survive will be smaller, family-owned, unlisted on exchanges and free of debt. There will be large companies then, but these will be new—and short-lived. The pre-modernist robust model of city-states and small states will prevail, with obsessive fiscal prudence. Currencies might still exist, but, the America’s Federal Reserve probably will be gone, so the currencies will peg to some non-governmental controlled values such as gold.

Most of the technologies that are now 25 years old or more will be around; almost all of the younger ones “providing efficiencies” will be gone, either supplanted by competing ones or progressively replaced by the more robust archaic ones.
I certainly think that the social media will be with us despite the fact that it exists hardly 5 years and I hope that GlobalRisk community can ride on this wave for a quite some time.  

We are welcoming Tapankumar Joshi from India who became our 3000th member. We want to give him a chance to present himself to the community by creating an interesting discussion, a blog post or uploading a video. The discussion will be featured and it will stay on the top of the other discussions for a long time. 

By the way if you've got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it!
Issue highlights:
We’ve got many new and interesting discussions initiated in the last couple of weeks. 
Please give us your feedback and thoughts on goals for this year.
got more than 30 comments.
Things to not to say to Risk Manager got quite some responses 
Go ahead and comment on any of the discussions and if you have an interesting subject to tell, create your own discussion.

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Vote for the best Risk book  discussion has been very popular and we received many comments. The books that received most votes are displayed on our front page and you can buy them directly from there.
The top three books are:
1. "Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk" by Peter L. Bernstein     4 votes
2. "The Black Swan" by Nicholas Nassim Taleb    3 votes
3. Anticipating Correlations: A New Paradigm for Risk Management by Robert Engle  2 votes
3. Managing Global Enterprise Risks   by Gary Toms   2 votes 
By the way Gary Toms is one of our members and he gave me an interview last year where you can also buy his book. 
New member introductions.
Jonathan Dudek, Ph.D has presented himself to the community in a very interesting manner where he outlined his track record and knowledge as a top expert in criminology, Forensic Psychology and risk assessment in critical situations.
He also studied finance and is interested to apply his skills as a risk manager and psychologist in a hedge fund or a private equity firm. 
As hedge fund managers have been famous for successfully employing professionals from other areas, I want to propose to our members operating in this space and having hiring power to check out Jonathan’s introduction and contact him drectly. 
New Blog posts in the latest period:

The most active contributor of the last period was without any doubts Tony Ridley  who posted 4 Blogs on Travel Risk and 4 videos featuring him giving interviews to leading TV channels  and analysing the latest major events such as hijacking a bus with tourists in the Philippines.

We invite all people from this region or who is interested in developments in the Emerging market of Central Asia to become a member of this group.
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GlobalRisk Community group on Linkedin has been recently created  This group is created for all those who can’t reach our site during working hours because they are either behind firewalls or the corporate policies preventing them to do this. 
We are also created a fan page on facebook with the same idea.

Please go ahead and become a fan of our Facebook page. Facebook is quickly becoming a next big thing and we created our outpost there, which is our fan page. Facebook connects now 500 million people and in a few years time it will grow to 1 Billion. I have studied Facebook recently and it is so powerful tool with myriad possibilities. For a Risk Manager , this is also a good chance to know about Facebook and its possibilities and threads. I want to set up a training for people who are interested how to work with Facebook and how to manage Risk from Social Media. People interested to participate in the event  are welcome to subscribe here with a subject line Social media training;
Partner Webinar on IT GRC Forum"Simplify IT Risk and Compliance Management"  - Free to join and put your questions to our panel of experts including Chris McClean (Forrester), Brandon Dunlap (Brightfly) and MetricStream.
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Thank you for being here.
Boris Agranovich
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