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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk Community member, 

In this issue: 
1. Achievements so far and challenges ahead; 
2. Launching our “Founding sponsorship” programme;
3. Launching “My Company page” programme 
4. Launching “Revenue sharing” programme;
The Holidays are upon us again, filled with friends, family, parties and plenty of shopping and now is a good time to make a summary of our first year, share with you some of our ideas and thoughts and report results.
What we achieved so far:  The community is approaching 3000 members and is growing fast.  

We are delivering value to our members by providing a unique platform where they can share  knowledge, find new chances and build business relations with their peers. 
To be able to do so we are partnering with major brands and helping them in organizing professional conferences, trainings, finding skilled personnel and creating great visibility for their products and services.

Thanks to your active participation our website has become a popular meeting point for Risk Professionals around the globe and during the last 6 months more than 14,000 people visited our site and they viewed almost 70,000 pages.

According to Alexa – the authority in website popularity measurement, (measured on 2 December) our visitors view  on average 17.0 unique pages each day. The time spent in a typical visit to the site is roughly 22 minutes.

These are quite remarkable figures taking into account that time is your scarcest resource!   

Now we want this community to deliver to our members even greater experience, opportunities and interaction.

The main challenges in the coming year are:

Continue to bring the community together;
Get people excited about collaboration;
Find a number of faithful partners or sponsors;
Build a robust ecosystem around – Risk Managers, vendors, recruiters, consultants, event organisers, training companies.   

To be able to do so we are in constant search for forward-looking organisations operating in the risk market who want to leverage the traffic, enormous goodwill and potential that this platform creates. 

Offer to Marketing managers or people who command marketing budgets.

Reach more customers through improved online visibility using our new programmes.

1. Become a Founding sponsor for the Global Risk community. 

The GlobalRisk Community is placing their Sponsoring Partners in front of a strong customer base and helping them find new leads, clients, employees and opportunities, create great visibility for their products and services. 
A Founding sponsor will get the following benefits:

· The sponsor’s logo along with hyperlink will be displayed in the Partners zone of the Global Risk community site  (top right corner of the website) and will be visible on all pages of the website including members’ profiles  for a period of one year.
· One dedicated mailing to the audience and two follow up mailings inside our regular Highlights Newsletter will be sent during the sponsorship period  (sent by us and in our format).

· Member of the Sponsorship committee of the GlobalRisk Community
The advertising spots will be allocated on the principle of first in, first served, starting from the top.   
The prices are: for the logo sized:
120 X 60    pixels  €799
150 X 50    pixels  €899
125 X 125  pixels  €999

GlobalRisk Community members get a €99 reductionThis offer is valid till the end of this Year. 
If you decide to upgrade during one year to a more advanced sponsorship programme such as: Bronze, Silver or Gold,  the amount that you paid for the Founding sponsorship programme will be deducted from the price of the advanced one. 

2. Set up "My Company profile" on GlobalRisk Community. A great and lucrative chance for sponsors is that by purchasing the Founding sponsorship programme you can get the 40% reduction on “My Company profile” page. You will get full control of the page and can include cutting edge multimedia – videos, audios, presentations, adverts, white papers, job offers (up to three), Press Releases, product information, company blog, news feeds and more. This is a much better approach than the standard static business Directories.
If you are still relying on directories for online exposure and traffic then you will be missing a number of useful opportunities.

If you buy the Founding Sponsorship package you can add  “My Company profile”  for €599 per annum only.
If you buy “My Company profile” without Founding Sponsorship programme, the price is €999.   

This offer is valid till the end of this Year.  

For recruiters we prepared a separate package.
We are of course open to the possibility of other dedicated arrangements that fit in your budget - just ask! 

Act today and you could save because this is a reduced and fixed cost for a return increasing every month with the growing community.

To apply please contact us via the following e-mail address:  with the subject line “Sponsorship programme”. 

Measured ROI:

The GlobalRisk Community will work closely with sponsoring partners to ensure value is created for its members and the desired return on investment achieved for the partners. Building strong, sustainable relationships is the key to the GlobalRisk community. 

Revenue sharing programme for members 

We are happy to announce the following programme.
If a specific member/group brings a paid sponsorship/advertisement/company profile deal originating from a third party, we will pay commission to the member/group. 

We are currently offering the following products:
Sponsorship programmes: Founding,  Bronze, Silver and Gold
Advertisement: online and e-mail,
Company Profile Page,
Recruitment package

The detailed product description and the commission structure is available on request  with the subject line “Revenue sharing programme”

Thank you for being here,
Boris Agranovich,
GlobalRisk Community, founder

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