A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk community member,

 You have probably noticed that we ask many questions, we ask your opinion, we ask you to participate in our polls, surveys, comment on a specific posting in our community and so forth. Today we ask you for your help and a small contribution to the GlobalRisk community.

The background is that our social network platform provider, Ning – a brilliant company with a superb product- is phasing out the free networks to which GlobalRisk community has so far belonged.

We are facing bad and also good news. The bad news is that we need to raise $500 because Ning will phase out the free networks in a few weeks time.

The good news is that Ning will provide lots of new and interesting services and tools available which will certainly improve your experience within our community. The other good news is that with almost a thousand members, we only need to chip in $0.5 per member to cover the costs! If we can get ten percent participation, then $5 per paying member will do the trick; for a real fan we expect $10 to be a good amount, but we would not limit you.

 The best Ning program will cost $500 annually and we need approx $100 extra for hosting and a better domain name. In the best situation if we get more money than we request, we will use the remaining amount for prize money for contributors' contests and other interesting initiatives.

 You can make your donations using the Donation menu or just go to the main page where you will see the donation request on the top of the page. The system works with Paypal account and with all major cards.

Although we will be able to sustain the network even without donations, I kindly ask you to participate if you like the network. From the last poll we’ve published, we’ve got some encouraging reaction on how you really appreciate our community.

 So far the community has developed on pure enthusiasm and vision, and we are not yet cash flow positive.  We are busy with creating a business plan whereby the main source of income will be sponsorship and advertisement.

We are planning to meet with some digital media agencies soon to outline together the sponsorship and advertisement opportunities, but the whole process will take some time.


I would really appreciate it if you could donate that  money. So far reactions to our network have been positive and we will do whatever it takes to grow and provide the best service possible to our members.

 We hope that we can soon raise enough money by selling the available advertising space and by finding sponsorship deals, and thereby not having to beg from you every year.

 Another option for contribution – we just opened Cafepress shop (submenu in the Donation menu) where members can buy some nice  merchandise with the GlobalRisk thematic.

(for your information - we are getting 10% of the sale price as a commission)

To buy your product you can click on Cafepress or go to the main page and scroll down.

 P.S. members who can help us with sponsors and advertisers or have other commercial ideas, please contact me directly. 

With kind regards,

Boris Agranovich

Funder of GlobalRisk community