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Each week we review various resources from our sponsors. These free, highly informative, and non-commercial corporate research documents are written by top executives of large corporations.

This week we had a hard time selecting resources for you as there were too many good ones! After long discussions we settled on these three important “topics”. The topics are (1) Accounting & Reporting, (2) IT Security & Cloud computing, (3) Healthcare reform in USA. The main sponsors of this issue are IBM, Intacct, Bloomberg, TriNet.

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1. Reporting for midsize companies:
2. The 2011 Buyer's Guide to Accounting and Financial Software:
3. Unified Communications Buyer's Guide:
4. How to Apply Consistent Metrics to Risk and Compliance Programs:
5. An Essential Part of a Consolidated Security System:
6. Data Quality for BASEL II:
7. Four Key Challenges of Healthcare Reform in the USA:
8. Top 5 HR Concerns for Small Business. 
9. See the Big Picture Through Bloomberg Government:
10. Making Tough but Smart Decisions During an Economic Downturn:


Detailed description:
Topic 1. Business & Risk Reporting.

RESOURCE 1: Reporting for midsize companies: Empower your business with self-service reporting - IBM White Paper
Learn the benefits of a single reporting solution that can be used by all users, for all types of reports and with all data sources.

To thrive and grow, midsize organizations need better insight into their business. As a result, business reporting is a top priority for IT and business users. Lean on resources, midsize companies need a single reporting solution that addresses the full range of reporting requirements and users. IT managers look for a single reporting solution that is easy to implement and manage. It must address the full range of the reporting needs while leveraging existing IT infrastructure. IBM Cognos® Express Reporter delivers complete, self-service reporting and ad-hoc query capabilities for business users to view, modify or author reports of any kind with a simple and powerful Web-based interface.

RESOURCE 2. The 2011 Buyer's Guide to Accounting and Financial Software-New Factors to Consider
By embracing new-breed financial software solutions, organizations of all sizes are achieving and enjoying the unprecedented flexibility of anytime/anywhere instant-access to financial data, reports, transactions, and analysis.

In the last few years, the demands on the finance department -- from real-time reporting to global consolidation -- have increased significantly. At the same time, the choices for accounting and financial software have become much more complex. How do you begin to research, evaluate and select the right software for your business? Download The 2011 Buyer’s Guide to Accounting and Financial Software and learn:
The different software options available: on-premise, hosted, and cloud computing
The 7 step evaluation process for selecting accounting applications
What’s different about the cloud and what are the benefits for the finance department?
How to calculate ROI of cloud computing versus on-premises software
The new factors to consider and look for in 2011

Topic 2. IT Security and Cloud computing

RESOURCE 3: Unified Communications Buyer's Guide
The Unified Communications Buyer's Guide offers complete information to help you compare your options, including guidance to help you evaluate various solutions. Download this free guide and learn: 
What is UC and how can it help your business?
How to assess your company’s readiness for UC
What criteria should be used for evaluating UC solutions?
Best practice tips for getting the most out of your UC vendor
What to look for in the vendor demos?

RESOURCE 4:How to Apply Consistent Metrics to Risk and Compliance Programs
This whitepaper discusses using performance management metrics and scorecards to safeguard information assets.
Imagine if there were no financial accounting systems or accounting standards. What if your CFO had to grab a clipboard and manually collect and add up all the different pieces of information needed to create an integrated view of your company's financial performance? It seems unfathomable, but this is exactly the situation faced today by many CISOs and other IT executives responsible for safeguarding a company's information assets. This whitepaper discusses using performance management metrics and scorecards as tools to safeguard information assets and assess the effectiveness and impact of their information security programs in a relevant and actionable context.

RESOURCE 5: An Essential Part of a Consolidated Security System
After almost two decades of popular adoption, organizations and users of the world-wide web are still being victimized by web-based threats. In spite of the billions of dollars invested in security, web-borne threats are still on the rise. They are more sophisticated and targeted, and with the rise of mobility in the workplace, even more difficult to control. The web's standards-based interface and incredible number of applications have made it the medium of choice for hackers and thieves looking for new ways to disrupt services, steal information and perform malicious activities for financial gain.

Here enterprises face a dilemma; employees need web access in order to do their jobs effectively, while management seeks to minimize risk to the corporation. In order to achieve an acceptable balance, management must decide who needs web access, when, how much, and from where. And most importantly, to stay ahead of new threats, enterprises need a security system that can enforce granular web access policies on all devices used to access the web - from inside and outside of the network perimeter.

This white paper details the damage that web-based attacks, including new blended threats, can cause, and suggests steps that should taken when developing a comprehensive defense plan. In addition, a layered defense solution employing multiple security technologies is presented.

RESOURCE 6:Data Quality for BASEL II
Today financial services institutions must meet the standards for data quality attestation by the FFEIC regulators of risk reporting. This paper discusses the platform and domain expertise needed to support the rigorous demands of commercial and retail risk reporting.
Today large, complex financial services institutions must meet the standards for data quality attestation by the FFEIC regulators of risk reporting. 

This BASEL II solution delivers a data quality process management platform and domain expertise to support the rigorous demands of commercial and retail risk reporting and attestation. The solution leverages pre-built risk data quality best practice templates that provide new levels of transparency to reporting and attestation processes.

Leveraging the solution platform and the risk reporting process templates delivers a combination of fact-based insight, evidence of action and documentation, and business accuracy in support of internal and Federal data audits.

Topic 3. The Healthcare reform in USA.

RESOURCE 7. Four Key Challenges of Healthcare Reform in the USA. The First Challenge: Comply with Reform
 Learn how to maximize efficiencies through greater system integration and automation, enable seamless interactions with providers, members and other constituents, and drive increased healthcare value with automated, value-based programs.
Read on to find out how can position your organization for long-term success.

Great General resources:

RESOURCE 8: See the Big Picture Through Bloomberg Government.

Bloomberg Government is the one-stop, customizable source for knowing how government decisions impact your industry. No other service delivers expert policy analysis, unique data breakdowns, and proven editorial expertise – all in one place, all in real-time. Stay ahead of the issues, identify opportunities, and break through the clutter – saving you time and resources.

Be the first to receive a FREE copy of Bloomberg Government Insider when you sign up and request a demo today.

RESOURCE 9: Top 5 HR Concerns for Small Business.
As the economic horizon continues to shift and belts tighten, small and medium sized companies — who typically have between 10 to 500 employees and represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) — may wind up being so focused on core business issues that they overlook one of their most potentially serious and costly issues — human resource compliance. This is a must-read paper that discusses th top 5 HR compliance issues they may face.
RESOURCE 10: Making Tough but Smart Decisions During an Economic Downturn
Download to learn how companies can make the best moves during a reduction in force, where do they get the data to make smart decisions and how can they make good choices that won’t have a long-term impact.

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