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A message to all members of GlobalRisk community

Dear GlobalRisk Community member,

Here's a lesson for you as a risk manager. NEVER run two new product launches, back-to-back sandwiched between two major events and we certainly learned our lesson.

Just when Amazon Web Services crashed and burned due to technical glitches we launched our two products: GRC Business Continuity toolkit andGRC e-learning facility but I bet you hardly noticed the glitch on our site.


GRC Business Continuity toolkit

We have had an even bigger response than we thought. So big, in fact, if you heard about the Amazon S3 (Web services business) crash a few weeks ago I would not be surprised if we actually helped them to bring their services down :). We have since increased our server size and added new protection and disaster recovery measures so no one hopefully noticed any disruption on our site.

By the way if your organization needs a comprehensive Business continuity toolkit which can help you plan for events such as Amazon Web Services crash, check out our GRC Business Continuity toolkit.  It is zero risk for you as it comes with a 30 days guarantee. 

GRC BC toolkit includes: A Business Impact Analysis questionnaire, BCP template, BCRA questionnaire, BIA for corporates, BIA procedures, BC Risk analysis template, Crisis management plan, Sample vulnerabilities chart with a complete scoring methodology,  Technology recovery assessment, Technology recovery plan and BC glossary. 
Our members can buy it for an introductory price of 75 Euro for a limited period of time only via the following link: GRC Business Continuity toolkit.

GRC e-Learning facility

To add to the excitement,  we launched our GRC e-Learning facility with 750 trainings just a week after the launch of the GRC BC toolkit.  We thank our partner KESDEE – the world's largest financial e-training company who delivered the portal for us in the shortest period of time. You can now book 750 courses organized into 69 course libraries spanning about 2250 hours of e-learning, covering areas of Banking, Accounting, Insrance and Risk Management. Topics range from basic financial concepts like Time Value of Money to complex topics like Strategies for Corporate Valuation and an in-depth exploration of Financial Risk Management and Derivatives. We also offer web-based exam preps for certification exams in risk management and financial analysis (FRM Part 1, PRM, Associate PRM and CFA Level 1 Exams).

After you have booked your trainings and received your access you can start learning via our e-learning portal
In the near future we will add a new set of trainings related to new requirements such as Basel III and others. We also provide discounts for the corporate subscriptions. If your organization is interested to get the corporate subscription to the portal, please contact me at   

p.s. If you think that your organization delivers products and services that will bring value to our members, you are welcome to join our partnership programme. Send me an e-mail to  or just give me a call on + 31 630263894 and we will discuss the opportunities.

That's all for now. Speak to you later this week.


Thank you for being here.

Boris Agranovich

GlobalRisk Community, founder