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1. Tips and tricks - how to share content on our site with your friends and colleagues on other networks such as Linkedin

2. Holiday shopping on GlobalRisk Community

3. New Group announcement  Middle East Risk Community

4. A Message from our partner Ivy Exec - How do you ask for a raise?


1. How to share a page on GlobalRisk Community with your friends and colleagues


It's easy to share anything you like on GlobalRisk Community — from photos to blog posts to profile pages. Click the "Share" link that appears beneath the item you want to share.

The main social networks that people use are Linkledin and facebook. You can easily share any page of the site including a profile page, a discussion item, a blog post or a video – every content item.

Look at the right side of every page on our site you will see the familiar buttons Share on Linkedin and Like on Facebook:

As you can see  from the picture attached people already shared 24 time our main page on Linkedin and 108 people liked it on Facebook. But there are even more to it .

You can actually share content on Linkedin in the following multiply ways:


1. You can send a message to To your profile status on Linkedin,

2. You can send a message via your Twitter account

3. The most magical sharing tool however is that with one click you can post a message to multiply groups on Linkledin. You just have to choose your groups (type a first letter of the group and the names will appear automatically, select the groups, repeat to include all groups you want to share). Provide a meaningful subject and click share.

4. You can send the message with the link to your contacts on Linkedin.

See an examle in the picture below




2. Buy a special holiday gift from our shop. The holiday season is upon us and we prepared some nice gifts you can buy from our shop with designs for every test. We are especially proud to have designed our new community logo and we encourage you to buy items with our logo on it. It is a fun way to shop and to do some good for the community of your choice.


Moreover you will see our new logo more often as we are partnering with major conference producers and our logo will be seen very prominently both in the brochures and in the conference rooms.


3New group announcement - Middle East Risk Communmity

Fayaz Malik invites you to join this group via the following link:

Below is his message:

Dear Colleague,

As you know the Governance, Risk and Compliance is becoming a vital area that organisations have started to focus on more recently in Middle East. It being a developing and growing economy, policies , laws and regulations are changing more than ever in Middle East, for instance ‘Saudi Arabian Monitoring Agency’ bringing out raft of new regulations for juvenile insurnce sector and making it must to have a robust GRC in place.

As a Consultant, Researcher and Director of an organisation offering advice and solutions to the clients in Middle East, I am delighted to form a Risk Community Middle East on Global Risk Community - a vibrant forum for governance ,risk and compliance professionals to get together to share their skills, knowledge and experience for mutual benefit.

I am pleased to invite you to join my group.

4. Message from our partner Ivy Exec. How do you ask for a raise?

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Thank you for being here,

Boris Agranovich,

GlobalRisk Community, founder