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Featured Webcast: As the number of regulations that affect Global 2000 organizations can easily exceed a dozen, many companies struggle to map multiple frameworks and specifications across configurations settings. How do you address these challenges? Join us for this webcast where we reveal best practices of managing compliance in today's multi-regulatory world.

Dear member, We’ve Hit 6,000 Members on GlobalRisk Community!

Global turmoil over sovereign debt problems in Europe and miserable US economic data are reinforcing "fear that the economy is heading for a double-dip recession," 
Has anyone else noted that we are now over 6000 members? Last year at this time, we had about 1500 members which is a 400% increase!
Thank you all for your continuing support and engagement as we expand our membership, provide great benefits like discounts to the top Risk conferences, great variety of free research from top companies, offer a wide variety of products including GRC e-learning facilityGRC Business Continuity toolkit, and work with a range of world's top partners to help you increase your knowledge, form new business relationships and enhance opportunities.

Although, it may seem that GRC somehow achieved something for the short period of time it has been running, the truth is that we are just starting. The community is still taking shape and you see various branches of though forming here and there. 
The idea is that one day GRC will become the centre of the ecosystem for people working in the Risk related businesses. And I hope that we achieve all of this together as one.
So! 6000 members! We should all celebrate!
By the way if you got a frog for a picture, hurry up and replace it! 

Aamir Chan asked about Contract Risk management

Thomas Housel uploaded a very interesting research paper on Intellectual Capital for you to review and comment, 
Lee Werrell is asking a question on Inter Dealer Risk Library.

Say hello and get connectedsee all our members's introductions here.

Kristi Rohtsalu got the great analysis of the latest EU bank stress tests on Reliability of EU Bank Stress Test 2011: was the Core Tier 1 capital ratio suitable for using as pass/fail criterion? Any comments?
Fayaz Malik asked your comments on KPMG's Extended Audit model widely known as Rentokil given green light!

Fernando C Boschini presented an interesting video Humans alone in Brain shrinkage with age.
Michail Wein participated on our behalf in the ERM conference in NY last week and published a series of his observations:
Critical Success Factors for Developing a Risk Appetite Framework,Identifying the Right ERM Processes (Risk Assessment) and more

Michael Thomsett has edelivered as usual a great number of blog postings:
Shrinking the supply chain, a practical idea?How do you define risks?A hidden risk to cloud computing


2nd IT GRC Meeting is looking for sponsors
Dear Infosec Professionals,

The ShadowSEC is the organizer of 2nd IT GRC Meeting, and we are looking for some companies sponsor the event and bring the world's  best speakers focused on IT GRC and Cybercrime Fighting.

The event will be held in Lisbon/Portugal in 14th to 15th - October, and will be responsible for gathering professionals to discussimportant issues such as Risk Management, Governance, Compliance, Cybercrime and Information Security.

Ask me about the details or sponsor plan.

See our agenda -

-The Option training course with the world renowned author and our blogger - Michael Thomsett
-Basel III Training
-Additional premium Services - for people who are serious about both their professional networking and carrer.
Colleague, does your company have a solid resource to contribute to our members? Please apply for our partner's exchange here:
Have a great weekend and give us your feedback on what would you like to see on GlobalRisk Community.

Thank you for being here.

Boris Agranovich,

Founder @ GlobalRisk Community