What are the 5 Disruptive Technologies to watch In the near future?

Boris Agranovich
I am interested to study disruptive technologies which will change the way banking is operated. I would like to know your opinion - what are the best sources, magazines, websites...

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Sebastian Fazzino
SVP at Perimeter E-Security - The leading provider of Integrated On-Demand IT/Security and Compliance Services
Check out a company called Geezeo. www.geezeo.com.

Xavier Renom
CEO @ justInMind
Good candidates: on-line mgt services in Personal finance like https://money.strands.com/ or http://www.mint.com/ .

Alicia Roisman Ismach
Co-Founder & VP BD at SeerGate
SeerGate will change the payments industry at the core, turning payments into secure and reliable real time processes where financial information is never exposed, stored or transmitted to a third party. Our SaaS technology aims at positioning banks as the providers of next generation payments for small businesses and individuals over any electronic environment, anywhere, anytime. We are now deploying with our first core processor client and will launch in Q3.

Jacob Ukelson
I think adaptive case management (ACM) for managing ad-hoc, unpredictable human processes is a good candidate (you can read more about it at http://www.wfmc.org).

Since risk management is in your area of expertise, I think the application of ACM for operational risk management would be interesting. Take a look at what ActionBase and ClusterSeven are doing:

Bryan Camoens
Content Editor at IQPC
It says here that banks should eliminate manual processes: http://www.retailbankit.com/Event.aspx?id=299974

Latha Venkatarengan
Senior Consultant (Enterprise Architect) at Wipro Technologies
Using of MS excel by Finance divisions in banks giving room to compliance,risk issues ,potential threats /vulnerabilities etc ...as per surveys most of banks , capital markets use predominantely Excel as technology due to ease of use and quick deployment with reduced cost ...

Jacob Ukelson
General Partner at ExeedTechnology
Regarding the use of spreadsheets in finacial divisons (and email) take a look at the announcement by ActionBase and ClusterSeven ( http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20100405005626&newsLang=en )

Boris Agranovich
Consultant, Project Manager, deal maker, helping clients successfully increase revenue, manage risk and enhance control.
Thank you everybody for your comments and suggestions. I will certainly study them.
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Geof Johns
Owner, Future Scenario Planning Pty Ltd
The DISRUPTING technologies are those embedded within the context of bankings category rivals - 'high street' (think Tesco) and online (think EBay). I'm uploading a book onto LinkedIn (so far 3 sections). In the 4th and 5th I shall elaborate on the category rivalry and the implications for ICT technology

Nick Pickles
Conservative PPC, PR Manager at Erudine and freelance music photographer

You might want to read the latest edition of Engine magazine, which looks at disruptive technology in the legacy market, and the connected business issues.


There's also a white paper worth looking at which deals with the issue of regulatory compliance and technology solutions.